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Recent posts by Holly Magnani

We have been using traps. Actually, Bubba was carrying around a dead mouse still in the trap. He presented it to me but I told him he was cheating.

We've noticed these year 'round this season.  I'm wondering if having someone scour the house for mouse holes to plug....

I encourge the snakes... we did have a Cooper's Hawk hanging around....

My son is the worst, he leaves dirty plates around and is generally  mess....
1 month ago
Soooo, we have a mouse problem.  We have 2 active mousers but they are having a difficult time keeping ahead of the problem.  

Asking those who are active homesteaders,  are mice just something you have to manage and give up the idea of eradicating them?

Also, our mousers, Twoey and Bubba, sometimes bring in the half alive mice and hide them.  This is amusing until you step on one.  

I'm looking for solutions that maybe encourage the mice to just not hang around? Certain plants maybe? Fake owls? I don't want to use chemicals....

1 month ago
A buddy of mine sent me this video link for a couple of reasons.
He knows I like to cook from what I grow in my yard and that I have an interest in rocket stoves and ovens.

If this is inappropriate to post here, delete or move.

After watching this, I thought that a nice bolognese sauce sounded really good. Will have to make soon

1 month ago
Hi, everyone!
I'm excited to learn more about the kiwifruit growing. I'm interested in adding edibles to our plant inventory; I'll admit that I'm a bit intimidated by the trellising part. Same with grapes or hops or other berries.

So, I'll just be over here,   lurking and learning.  
1 month ago
Hi, guys!
I'm back! I was able to do some canning on the charcoal grill (super inefficient) and then in the house when the outside temps dropped to the high 70s.

I just hauled in a ton of toms after taking down 3 plants. I have 15 more tomato plants just spewing out tomatoes. The temps are going up again and so I am going to build a J-stove now.

I found a resource for firebricks nearby but Im struggling to find a concise plan to make one. I don't enjoy reinventing the wheel all the time so can I be pointed in the right direction?

1 month ago

Cam Lee wrote:This is not for certification, but I hadn’t seen any videos of anyone doing scrambled eggs and I was curious. So this is for my own information and just to show people it’s possible.

I did scrambled eggs. 🙂
Glad to see ya here!
I've always been a fan of growing food over ornamentals, or at least a plant that can be both. An aunt and uncle had a nursery for a bit, up in North Olmsted, OH, and so the green thumbage comes naturally to the family but I seemed to be the only one interested in growing food mixed in with all the other plants that were around. If I can feed wildlife, why not myself! This book looks like one I should have on my shelf at some point. Looking forward to the discussions.
2 months ago
Maybe not the right place for this.

Sew A Button

Included is a video of my sewing machine using the  buttonhole feature to sew the button. I set it to the end of the buttonhol stitch, which makes the needle go back and forth without moving the feed dogs to advance the fabric. I hand turn the machine to slowly line up the button with the needle's movement. Not every button works with this method but it did in this case.

After I cut the strings from the machine, I just tie a few knots before cutting them off.


2 months ago