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 I have found that trying to find a role (job) for those with limited capacity is also critical.

Clearest example of that I can think of was in Japan. Older citizens were given a meaningful but not taxing job to do, like cleaning the handrails at an attraction, so that they could continue to feel useful, bring in an earned wage and retain a purpose with a feeling of worthiness. I think most people are happiest when helping others.
1 month ago

 There is also a community assessment process that could help identify the greatest challenges.  This assessment process is not in the book but on this book's website    I hope I answered your questions.

PS. It was a (fortunate) accident that Strengthening the Foundation is located on the bottom - center in Figure 1.3!   Thanks for pointing this out!


Thank you for the great and quick reply and the link to the book's website.

The Community Assessment should prove very useful especially for a motivated community. I see your points that this isn't a build from scratch situation in which the foundation being built first before other activities is paramount, plus the distinction of "strengthening" the existing foundation as the basis for Principle K. Those perspectives do answer my questions and you're most welcome, I'm glad that Principle K in Figure 1.3 is a fortunate/happy accident.

1 month ago
Welcome Jim! After looking through the book excerpt, I have a question. When I think of building things it always starts with a strong foundation and yet the Principle of 'Strengthen the Foundation' is not mentioned until 'K' which seems a little late in the process of building something. Conversely, in Figure 1.3 the 'Strengthen the Foundation' - K principle is dead center and at the base of the Principles. Was this by design? Can you provide any additional insight?
1 month ago
Quote from Nicole Alderman "Elaine Ingham has the Compost Tea down to a science--literally, she has a doctorate in microbiology--and she goes into detail on how to make both the compost and the compost tea to get specific results in your garden.  Here's her recipe:"

The URL for the recipe is no longer pointing to a recipe and it seems most of her information is now only available by purchase. The other information in the thread is very helpful. I found this which adds a bit of info directly related to Dr. Ingham's recipes:

And this which provides some background information:

Hope folks find these useful
Wow! I'm so grateful, and excited, for being listed as a winner. Unbelievable! I'm speechless.
1 month ago
This is a fabulous thread and I'll come back here often. I'm in the middle of a move but I'll get back here in about a month or two for sure because I expect to have lots to share. I'm about to inherit a few of my Dad's tools which have been in the family cabin. One thing, if someone sees this is the problem I run into is seeing something that is supposed to be a real helper but HOW to use it seems to be taken for granted, like guys just know or something. Like woodworking triangles. Must be a lot of cool ways to use one of those but other than as a straight edge, what are its secrets? Where do you find this kind of information if you can't ask an old woodworker?
1 month ago
At this very moment I have no idea what I would use the hand weeding sickle for because I have yet to move to my future forest garden. The move will happen in about 3 weeks and I expect there will be more uses for the hand sickle than I have time to do especially since first frost can happen in September in the northwoods of Wisconsin (Zone 4b and on the border with 5a). The land around the cabin has been mostly untouched for the last 50 years or more but it does have some struggling blueberries and other wild edibles like the winter fern and wintergreen as a starting point. The soil is sandy and I expect it will need a lot of care to build up a fertile base. By the time the land and cabin become an inheritance I hope to have a food forest capable of some self-sufficiency so a lot of composting, planning, planting and weeding in my future. I can't wait (well except for all the packing and moving and unpacking).
1 month ago
Welcome Dre Oeschger! Looks like an awesome garden tool and for all over the homestead.
1 month ago
This is the first post I've seen that finally actually provides a clue as to what a BB is - Badge Bit.
Thank you Dan. I'll have to check out the Agroforestry Academy vids. I'm working on owning some land to be able to put all I learn into practice. Good luck to you finding the right trees to try. Super that the black locust are happy.
3 months ago