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Recent posts by Jordan Holland

I spent many hours bow fishing from a small jon boat years ago. It was a lot of fun, as long as it was calm. Any noticable wind, say 5mph, completely changed that. It did get good fuel economy with a 15hp motor that would go a little over 20mph. I don't know about more modern motors, but I don't think any of the older ones would be able to get on plane at just 5hp, especially with any noticable amount of equipment. Not planing would be a major hit to fuel economy, so sometimes more can actually use less, lol!

When not being used for their intended purpose, a simple jon boat can make a good little roof when flipped upside down for covering things.
22 hours ago
It hangs from something, but does not snuff out candles.
1 day ago
Here's the newest one. It has a very specific function. It's just a piece of glass. I have never seen one this large before.
1 day ago
Watch out for stumps!
2 days ago