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Recent posts by Jordan Holland

From what I've read, isinglass is possibly the strongest natural adhesive. It was used for gluing together pieces of wood, horn, and sinew to make composite bows.

10 hours ago
Copper is still used because it imparts a better taste, so if it's for fuel or solvent there is no real reason to use it.
1 day ago

Gabriel Babin wrote:I’m happy to know more about that tool and that there is a less expensive way.

I am not a very experienced woodworker but I saw a Japanese woodworker use a différent method to make a 90 degrees mortise and tenon joint with round poles.

1. Make the mortise.
2. Make the tenon a bit shorter then the final result and as if it was to be inserted in squared timber.
3. Put them together.
4. Use a scribing tool to copy the curve on the tenoned pole.
5. Remove and finish the joint.

This reduces the distance between the model curve and the copy, reducing the risk of mistake. The man had no spirit level on the tool, only by sight. Does it recall something to y’all?

This is called "scribe rule" timber framing, if memory serves me right.
I say one is living a permaculture lifestyle when one is thinking about permaculture and moving in a positive direction.

Like Paul's eco scale, different people are at different levels, and sometimes those exact levels may be hard to define, but it's all about trying to be better in the end to me.
6 days ago
I've wondered about a fire-eater engine. I believe the downfall of them was the wear in the cylinder/piston from the exhaust gasses. I'd like to see how one would work with modern zirconia ceramics for the cylinder and piston.
6 days ago
Congratulations! It's good to hear you are ok, and that you are not feeling so stressful. I think there's a lot of information out there to suggest that our mental state has a strong effect on our physical health. I'm afraid a lot of people feel that there is no middle ground; one must either live in fear to be safe, or not be fearful and be dangerous. I think we can choose to focus on the positive while still following the laws, respecting other people's space, wishes, etc. all the while gaining the benefit of better overall health while facing trying times. It's good to hear a success story, both physical and mental.
1 week ago
One thing I can add, is that if there's a possibility of using a TIG welder in the future, the cheap auto-darkening hoods will not trigger the darkening circuit, so it could save a person money in the long run to buy a good one.
1 week ago
I have seen where some companies hire people to try to hack into their systems and find those kind of bugs. I've seen where some companies sell an item at a low, mistaken price for bringing it to their attention. It would be nice if companies did what you suggest for any bugs. Small businesses might go for it, but I imagine it would get lost in the shuffle of management layers in larger corporations.
1 week ago

M Johnson wrote:Please tell me you will have this o a podcast soon?

Might need to be approached carefully. The first few minutes of this video by Wranglerstar really shocked me about posting his well drilling. I never would have expected people freaking out over such a thing. He said he ended up banning about a hundred people over it.

John Weiland wrote:Jordan H.   So it took me a bit to find it, but I was surprised to see that the "Easy Bake" oven is still sold!  It's a strange re-configuration (see below) of the models sold in the 1970s, but amazing to see it still in production.  Since as a kid it seemed logical that butter, sugar, and white flour combined together would be yummy (!) I routinely would steal some baking time on my sister's Easy Bake to make the final conversion.  :-)   Little did I know that years later, I would just be adding crushed pecans to the recipe to obtain those holiday 'tea cookies'.   .....and also that my fancy-pants air-fryer had more humble beginnings. ;-)

I believe the new ones are pretty toned down from the originals. I think they were a house-fire waiting to happen, if my memory of antique shows serves me well.
1 week ago