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Recent posts by Dan Fish

Choppy choppy, burny burny...

Nothing you can do on your own to reduce the risk of wildfire except thin and burn. Shoot for removing all underbrush that will produce a 4 foot high flame length and try to remove lower limbs off of trees. If you can keep the fire on the ground it is a good thing. If it gets into the crowns of the trees you are screwed. Pile up cut brush and burn it, then quench it with water when it's all coals. Presto: Biochar! The way nature intended.

I am in Northern California, where the forest is all fire adapted. Which worked great when it burnt every few years from lightning strikes or native stewardship. Now it is so overgrown that a wildfire is unstoppable if it gets going. The only way a mixed conifer forest can be healthy is if it burns once in a while, in my opinion. I bet if you dig down about a foot you can identify layers of char in the soil from previous fires. Or at least we can here in California. But the reality is that it is too far gone now through the mismanagement of the 80's brand of "environmentalists" (aka people who live in cities and can't bear to see a tree cut down or a bush mowed,...) and now the work needs to be done by hand and by machine. And it's really hard. I have been working in woods lately that are so think with stunted trees and brush it's unbelievable. If I smell smoke I am RUNNING out of there!

The calculations I invented say that one person with hand tools can clear 1 acre every 7 working days, including the burning, which is a good way to spend a Saturday and a good excuse to drink some beer.
3 weeks ago
That's disgusting! Hahhahaha

You should still it down. Might remove some of the unwanted "flavor". Never know, what if you invented the next bourbon?
1 month ago
Good times! They do make special "sap soap" that does an amazing job. My local saw shop has some. Or peanut butter, hahaha.

Cutting the tree down in the spring time, when the sap is up, will make the bark peel much easier. Just a tip! Barking trees sucks.

Hahaha I got beat by 58 seconds with this comment!
One thing that someone showed me a while ago that I was doing wrong is that if you are building a retaining wall you want the top layer to be big rocks, not little ones. Their weight holds the wall together and down.
1 month ago
I just wanted to drop a compliment on the planning board. Very cool!
1 month ago
Holy crap folks! After trying my best to throw out a good idea about a swimming pool cover for someone else, I just scored a 13,000 gallon doughboy for 200 bucks! Won't do me any good this year but Summer '25 is going to be a lot greener around here.
1 month ago
Never get sick. Ugh I just got over being sick for a month......... Plus the future is going to suck, probably.

I would take 10 loops around 1900-2000 though!
1 month ago
I have a "shed" that is really just a tarp stretched over a frame to keep some stuff dry over the winter. I used to just pack the tarp away in the summer so it would last longer. But this year I am going to cover the tarp shed with a layer made of our old curtains to block the sun. That way I won't have to break down the shed needlessly and then I can just store the fabric in the shed over the winter.
1 month ago