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John F Dean wrote:A neighboring community has a great German restaurant.  The problem is that it is in a rough part of town, and my wife refuses to go there.  She fears the Wurst.

The topic of restaurant brought to mind a Steve Wright oneliner....

I went to a restaurant that serves 'breakfast at any time'. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance.
1 day ago
Sorry Joe - my last paragraph (in previous post) with the word 'discovered' was not directed at yourself or poetry!  Just to those who may be embittered (following on from the paragraph before that).  I feel we should leave it here since, after all, this is a poetry thread but thanks for the compliment.
1 day ago
Thanks for your update Roy and good to know Misty is still with you, persevering through such horrendous ordeals.  I have no doubt that your love for her goes quite some way in her recovery and that of your family.  The power of love is not to be underestimated!

I fully understand how the uncertainty of a future concentrates the mind wonderfully and creates a sharper perspective that better highlights what can be appreciated (maybe that was once barely acknowledged);it enables more quality experiences, I find.  

I am now 70 and still reap these benefits i.e. the repercussions of having 3 close encounters with death (all accidents) in my 20's!!  I have never stopped appreciating being alive i.e. on a daily basis and am continually grateful.  

For those prone to becoming embittered by life, I would say that fostering gratitude/counting our blessings is key to offsetting this and enabling life to be tinged with sweetness again.  It is possible...there, waiting to be discovered - just requires an open mind and, perhaps, a leap of faith!  (Gets off soapbox, ha!)
2 days ago
Roy that is so beautiful!  So eloquent and poignantly expressed.  Your wife must be very pleased with it and I hope she is still with you.

I know what you mean when you say that the poem came to were visited by the muse, as they say.  It's a good sign, boding well in helping to create our best works.
2 days ago

Carla Burke wrote:Did you hear the exciting news about the guy who invented knock-knock jokes?

          He got the No bell prize....

That's almost as bad as....
What do you call a corpse leaning on a doorbell?
A dead ringer!
3 days ago