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Lawyer, amateur forester, homesteader, writer, lover of learning.
Delving into permaculture in an effort to build a resilient, self-reliant future.
New Brunswick, Canada
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Two things to consider:
1) Don't transport too long of logs on the road or you'll need a transportation slip (or risk major fines)
2) After you purchase your woodlot, contact your local forest products commission. They have some resources for woodlot owners including a free consultation from a forester.

There are some great resources through the NS forestry department. Check them out as they're great learning materials.
6 days ago
Bienvenue! I hope you find what you're looking for here. There's lots to discover.
2 months ago
I use the android app PlantNet to ID unknown plants. It has a summary tab of each plant, and a tab for the wikipedia article entry. Take a look for some neat ideas. It's a community-driven photo ID app.
2 months ago

lesley verbrugge wrote:Hi Ami,

I found this website useful for creating contour maps.

Oh wow, thank you for linking this site! This is going to make path and swale planting so much easier. I love map software :)
3 months ago
We've been discovering so many species on our property (especially in July as things ripen). So far I've found:
- dewberry (dwarf red raspberry)
- raspberry
- alpine strawberry
- blackberry (I think... we'll see when they ripen)
- feral apples
- sugar maple
- yellow birch
- beaked hazelnut!!!

We haven't decided on a percentage to dedicate to native plants, but our foremost question when deciding on a new plant is whether there is native, or localized, version. We're currently planning the makeover of our front "lawn" into a food forest. The edges of the front yard are where a lot of the above berries can be found (southern slope of a valley) although the hazelnut are so far concentrated at the opposite end of the property (on the north-facing side of our "mountain").

Because of the unique nature of our forest (the Acadian Forest) and the changing climate in our region, we have to make difficult decisions on what plants to support in our forest as it begins to lose some of the qualities the boreal forest prefers. It begs the question of what is "native", and how far do we go to protect plants that are not ideally suited to the changing climate (whether native or not). I expect our forest will look very different once we're gone, I just hope we make the right decisions for whomever occupies the land after us.
We've had success with ordering from Vessey's, although they send too many paper catalogues in the mail. They're glossy so we don't even use it for compost. You would think a seed company would consider that in their advertisements!
We've also used OSC seeds but I wasn't as impressed with them.
We haven't ordered trees yet, but I'll be looking at http://www.hardyfruittrees.ca/ based on their descriptions and the variety they have. I enjoy hearing about their experimentation and attempts to develop more hardy trees for us up north!

Whereabouts in NB? We're just outside of Fredericton. We just moved in at the end of October last year so this is our first spring on the property. it's exciting to see there are a few permies local to us!
5 months ago
You can try using textured vegetable protein (TVP). It really fills out a ground beef meal. Lentils are another option I would consider.
6 months ago
I have the DEWALT DCCS670X1 60V MAX FLEXVOLT Brushless Chainsaw and I'm a big fan. I knew early on that the majority of my tools would be Dewalt and so I went with their chainsaw as well. Having never owned or operated a chainsaw before that point, it made a lot of sense to go electric so that I didn't need to worry about mixing motor oil and all of that.

I'm 6'2'' and it's a comfortable weight and size for me. My wife is 5'10'' and she is also able to use it comfortable. We really like the weight of the saw as it is much lighter than you would think!

I really appreciate the safety features on the saw. The leaking oil is a little annoying, but if you store it sideways it doesn't leak out. It doesn't leak very much when it's operating (they designed oil container/valve poorly so that it leaks if the chainsaw is upright).

I have found the 60v battery lasts a long time. It's great that we can throw it in the 20v tools as well. I would like to pick up a second 60v battery for when I need to do a lot of cutting in a day. I'm still quite new to felling and cutting wood so my expectations are much lower than some of the more seasoned people here.

My advice is pick a brand you can trust, get serviced locally, and can expand into their range of other battery-powered tools!
6 months ago
Thank you all for the welcome! I'm excited to join the community.

Ed that sounds amazing. You're about a 2 hour drive from us. I'm jealous of how close to the water you are. We moved inland for my work and I miss the ocean already.
7 months ago
I've been lurking for a while in various parts of the forum and learning so much. It's really great seeing strong opinions and lots of data! I'm hoping to contribute to the data side of things once I've collected enough on our journey to a food forest.

We have 14.41 acres, around 12 of which is Acadian forest, with lots of sugar maple and birch (grey, white, yellow) and many other deciduous and coniferous trees. I've totally fallen in love with trees haha.

It's three of us on our homestead: my wife, my daughter and I. And a cat. He caught his first mouse since we moved here! We're planning out our property as far as zone 2/3 so far and hope to at least get zone 1 and part of zone 2 set up this spring and summer.

I'm new to permaculture but I'm reading whatever I can get my hands on. Thankfully my library has a decent amount of good books. I've got a list together of others they don't have too.

7 months ago