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I love Eckhart Tolle's views on spirituality, Neil DeGrasse Tyson's cosmic queries, Anne Carson's poetry, Anne Lister's secrets, Sally Wainwright's storytelling, Vandana Shiva's fight for food sovereignty, and of course all the permaculture heroes!
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Recent posts by Flora Eerschay

I can't believe how much these things have grown in two weeks. Especially the floating plants, pistia and duckweed - I didn't realize that there's so much more of them, than two weeks ago! The peppers have finally started and they're about to make a jungle. Vanilla will soon touch the top of terrarium and I'm thinking of cutting it in half. Good bugs are alive, bad bugs are under control, and all bugs want to be fish food, so it's almost a closed loop.
3 days ago

Eric Hanson wrote:the probes we send are to the flattest parts of Mars to make landing easier—just think, which would be easier to parachute into, the Great Plains or a mountain valley!

I hope that Ingenuity can do that! It's already flying around on Mars.
Also the very cloudy planets might have some life... but much harder for us to detect.
4 days ago
Weird: after a while the daphnia seemed "stuck" in... something? I tested Ph and nitrates and they were all perfect. I think the wood might release some... juice? That makes the water a little sticky?
5 days ago
When you hear that restaurants and cafes are getting ready to open their gardens and you think: "finally, they figured out that growing their own food is the best thing to do!".
5 days ago
A little experiment that shouldn't hurt anyone... I put the debarked willow sticks in a jar with daphnia. Whatever comes out of the sticks, should be a food source for the daphnia... I dried the sticks for a few days but they're still fresh. Super lightweight and buoyant right now; they would jump out of the jar without the weight of the smaller jar. So far, the daphnia (which are food for guppies) seem happy with it, swimming around the sticks and maybe even nipping at them. Maybe I'll make another jar with the mulberry sticks, to compare.

Anne, I was thinking of getting a cold hardy bamboo for the "food forest" zone in my garden, but I was worried that it would get out of control. I'm now thinking of using reed... I saw a beautiful aquarium with reed sticks as ornament.
6 days ago
That's not a Shiitake :P

Funny that it decided to grow right next to these two miniature ornamental bottles. This little shroom knows about insta glam!

See Hes, I love these closed bottled terrariums! They are somewhat easier to maintain, as nothing can escape them ;) I have two setups like this, not completely sealed, but closed and I'm not doing anything with them. One looks pretty, the other does not ;)
1 week ago
I was thinking of making a floating "raft" of freshly cut and debarked mulberry or willow twigs. But I read that it's dangerous for a pond (for fish anyway), because it releases sugars and stuff... also it will eventually sink and decompose.
Could there be a safe way of preparing such wood without years of seasoning?
A floating raft (rather tiny) could be used for growing watercress and protecting fish from predators. I know it can be made of plastic, but wood is pretty... and I do have lots of mulberry and willow that keeps growing.
1 week ago
So this is how I imagine Pearl Sutton! Of course I have never seen her. I hope that she doesn't ban me from Permies for this, because I'm not great at making people look pretty ;)
1 week ago
I just realized that my post sounds more gross than I intended ;)
Fortunately my garden doesn't look like some upturned graveyard, but there was a horn that was supposed to be my dog's snack and he didn't want to eat it, so he kept burying it and digging up and throwing around. I now make raised beds of compost piles instead of moving the compost anywhere, so less unprocessed contents can show up...
2 weeks ago
I already did, three years ago! I answered some questions about gardening, composting, and... Sappho, because I was studying her poetry at the time. I also learned a lot on Quora!
2 weeks ago