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Recent posts by Jaizki Arteagabeitia Perea

Thank you very much, Mike!
Sorry I didn't check the FAQ first, I was not aware of it.
It worked like charm!
And yes, no doubt my government is punishing me, is their thing.
3 years ago
Hi Paul!

I was trying to up my contribution to $65 and it seemed to work fine, but I didn't because of the shipping costs.

It says, "6 Physical Books, or 18 eBook Gift Codes, or a mix of each!" , I would go for 18 ebook gift codes, as I do not want to pay $45 for the shipping to Spain.

The problem is, I have to choose a country to continue. Is there a just ebooks no shipping option?

Thank you very much!

3 years ago
I finally watched the second video, as interesting and informative as the first. I had no idea about wooden structures and had trouble understanding some of the problems, but found the explanations useful. Thank you very much!
Eager to watch the third when available!
3 years ago
Great lessons for beginners! Worth watching!

Here's the index, in case it's helpful:

15 Urban Permaculture Lessons: To save you massive amounts of time, money and water
The 15 lessons. Not speculation or hypothetical. Based on my own failures, trials, and errors. It's been 5 years of a lot of mistakes

Lesson 1: define your context
Lesson 2: accept the fact that the more land you have, the less intensively you will be able to manage it
Lesson 3: understimate your available time
Lesson 4: understand and have a good grasp on the basics first
Lesson 5: think ahead 1, 3, 5, 10 years
Lesson 6: observe the site
Lesson 7: respect seasonality
Lesson 8: establish water & access first
Lesson 9: start at your backdoor
Lesson 10: get soil on site - build, buy, bring in soil
Lesson 11: how little can you actually do?
Lesson 12: don't box yourself in or cut yourself short
Lesson 13: start with simple and low tech infrastructure, and increase complexity and permanence as needed and as confidence grows
Lesson 14: beware of the eco-hipsters and their wares
Lesson 15: massive amounts of surplus are available locally

Learn more:
Podcast - 100's of episodes http://permaculturevoices.com/podcast
Youtube -  [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/user/permacultureVOICES[/youtube]
3 years ago
It was great watching the zoom meeting recording! Very informative and great questions and suggestions by attendants. Exciting to see the problems faced and the ongoing discussion on possible solutions. I feel I wouldn't have been able to add any value, but I really appreciate the opportunity to watch the recording!
Thank you very much!
3 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:Jaizki,

Kickstarter says it has your funds.  

Can you access the support forum:



Thank you, Paul!
I can.
Sorry, I'm not used to forums, I missed your reply.
Yes, I can know! Thank you very much, Nicole!
My bad! As I didn't see a reply I didn't recheck if I had access before asking!