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nikki dee wrote:does anyone still have any thorny locust seeds i could purchase? my dad has been searching for months on end! it would make his year 🥰

Try www.hobbyseeds.com.  I got some from them last year.  Should get around to planting them.  The black locust seeds I got at the same time came up fine.
3 days ago
Check out natural beekeeping. https://horizontalhive.com/

"Keeping Bees With a Smile" is one book on the topic.  There are youtube vids around too.
3 months ago
Yeah, I drill hole sin the bottom for drainage.  Probably a good idea to boost the size of those, or drill more.

I can keep an eye on their growth to watch for roots reaching the edges.  I aim to plant them out as soon as possible, so shouldn't be a problem.  Should have a dog up to deer-prevention size by the time that happens.
I may get around to trying this soon, but so far just been putching the road-killed ones I pick up in a maggot bucket and letting chooks eat those as they fall down to ground. They love those.

WushI had a pickup. Open bed would be better for picking up roadkill. I have an SUV and it's riskier with them inside. To my olfactory sense that is.  Maybe pathogens too.
3 months ago

William Bronson wrote: I have used them for annuals,  no problem.

Thanks!  Time to start stratifying some tree seeds! :)
Will clear "pots" work for starting plants, or do they need to be opaque?

I confess to a Diet Coke addiction and I feed my habit with 2L bottles.  I've cut off the cone-shaped tops and flipped them over small pots to make humidity chambers/mini greenhouses, but starting to consider using them to start trees.  I could just try them, but don't really want to waste the months if someone knows if they will work or not.

Guess I could wrap them in something opaque if I need to, so the basic idea will still work, that would just be a bit more fiddling.
If I had one I'd dig a hole and mostly bury it, then use it as a mini pond.
3 months ago

Ken W Wilson wrote:I would probably mow now.  I would try to identify any small trees that might be growing there first. With all the trees in the neighborhood, you might have a lot of tiny trees.

This is something I have been doing, at least in some areas of my fields.  I got some of those little flag markers and shove one in beside ant sapling I find that is of a species I want to keep.  At first it was just anything that looked like a fruit or nut tree, and oaks, but I've started letting cottonwoods grow too for fast tree biomass.  I am shooting for something more like savannah instead of just open fields.  Summers are brutal and scattered shade really helps.
3 months ago

Jonny Wood wrote:I’ve looked seemingly everywhere and I cannot find a recommendation on how often to use JMS. Any suggestions?

Listening to Youngsang Cho lecture now.  He said once a week 4 times before transplanting (and I assume planting seeds).  Before a rain, or irrigate for 90 minutes with or after application.  At this stage it's a soil application.

The next time is before fruiting, but I didn't hear how much/often then.  Somewhere I also remember hearing/seeing once a week across the board.

3 months ago
I mow for biomass I can trust.  I have a bagger on my mower, but I have also used a scythe (broke it!) and raked up the grass. I dump the grass into compost piles, also sheet mulch/compost with some.

I aim to build a bigger chicken tractor and let them do some grass control, but I have 4 acres or so in fields, so unless I get some cattle soon, I'll be mowing.

I may be doing may last mowing for this year now, but hard to say. If it gets to 8" or so, I'll mow it again so it isn't too tall come spring.  It's warmer her than in Skandi's climate, and some of the grass/weeds do grow some in the winter.

I don't take off all the clippings.  About every third or fourth mowing I just let them drop in place so add a bit of mulch and return some nitrogen.

3 months ago