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Recent posts by Ron Haberman

Well it is Huckleberry Season here in the High Country of Idaho. This year is a banner year for the beautiful, small, dark purple Huckleberries.
They are the tastiest and best type of berry to add to pancakes, waffles, muffins, and mix with apples to make the most heavenly apple pie one could imagine.

Anyone up there in Montana, or Wash. state been picking them yet? My wife and I did pick about a gallon of them on Monday this week.
2 months ago
Welcome DRE it looks like you have quality tools with great looking edges. I want to try out your tools
3 months ago
Wow! I never knew there were so many ways to use pickle juice. Thanks guys.
4 months ago
Thanks for these pictures, keep them coming, I am very interested in this project.
5 months ago
Great looking tool Yury, for that type of work one needs a piece of iron that will do the job.
5 months ago

Eric Hanson wrote:William,

I like to pour fresh chips right into a garden bed and plant in fertile holes filled with manure.  The real benefit of this is that you can use the chips immediately (which I think is your goal) while they break down.  You can combine this with either of the previous techniques if you like.  This is my preferred approach and I really like that I can get the chips to do double duty.

I hope this helps,


Eric, could you explain this a little bit clearer? Exactly what you are doing. Thanks. ron...
6 months ago
We live near the Boise River and walk often along its banks.
Don't see the beavers, but surely see the chips they make often
6 months ago
Was talking to a friend over the weekend, on the phone and he mentioned that he had several large piles of wood chips on his property,
they were dumped there last summer and he said I could have some. Today I loaded, with a friend, my third large pickup load and I
have been busy spreading in all flower beds and edges of the garden about 3-4 inches of chips.
The chips are partially rotted, some dry, mostly wet, some evidence of fungus working on them.
I think they will do just what I want, retard weeds, retain moisture in the hot Idaho summer, and
eventually turn into good soil. And the best part, they were free.
6 months ago
There are some good ideas on where to get the stuff.
I use four pallets connected for my compost bin, add
grass clippings and leaves, food waste and lots of coffee-grounds.
I turned the top of the bin this morning and it is full of
worms, and all kinds of critters working on the good stuff
in the bin. Adding coffee-grounds all winter kept it working,
this is the first time I have worked it this way.
I am very happy with the outcome.
6 months ago
I set out 2 months ago to collect coffee grounds from local coffee shops and came up with a bonanza.
A small shop nearby allowed me to give them a 5-gallon bucket and they now fill it every week.
I have more than 100 pounds of grounds.
I have been putting many in my compost pile and it is very warm this winter.

Now, what is the best way to use the rest of them?

Just dump on the ground around perennial plants, spread in the garden?
Looking for some suggestions.
7 months ago