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Max Kennedy

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since Feb 16, 2010
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Englehart, Ontario, Canada
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Recent posts by Max Kennedy

Has anyone tried layering Haskap and if so was it successful?
4 years ago
Looks awfully tall for blueberry, might that be huckleberry?  There is a slight difference.
4 years ago
Would be a great addition to any Biology/geography classroom.
4 years ago

John Indaburgh wrote:How big a green house are you thinking of. You say it's a market greenhouse so I assume it's not 8x10'.

I would consider putting in a source of some serious heat, like a wood stove with fans to move the air, prevent overheating one end. Another idea is one that was used here where it's much warmer. Fellow spent the year going from garage to garage collecting used motor oil. Could also use used fryer oil. He then used that in an oil furnace in his greenhouses.

Thanks all responses so far.  I have about an acre of land cleared in behind my work shed.  The soil is not good, clay, and I would like to be a lot more self sufficient.  There are local CSA's I could help supply but unlike a high population area demand is not that high.  Thus am looking to keep costs low for a year round operation.  I have wanted to do aquaculture so like the idea of incorporating that and was already looking at a depth of 8' to get below the frost line.  Possibly insulating the walls with straw bales in winter that could be incorporated in compost each summer.  It's an idea I am just feeling out right now.
4 years ago
Has anyone experience in using dug below frostline greenhouse dugouts in northern Ontario, ie Timmins area or equivalent, for more or less passive heating to supplement solar gain?
4 years ago
Haskap should do well, mine had their 1st berries this year.  one of the things not mentioned depending on how long a time period your looking at is Manitoba Maple, also called Boxelder (Acer negundo) which grows here in Englehart (NE Ontario) just across the PQ border from Rouyn.  Though lighter it can produce syrup as well as the sugar maple.  I am experimenting with a few of the Sugar Maples from the N. Bay area and though very slow to start they have survived 4 winters and one has just taken off growing about 2 feet this year so may be a possibility.  Beaked hazel is mentioned and we have it wild.  When would be the right time to harvest?  I have also heard about but never located a hardy fruit/nut grower in PQ, anyone know who that is and where they are?  Also, will grafting onto hardy stock, eg edible cherry on pin cherry, protect the graft?
6 years ago
Where in the Liskeard region.  I'm just north of Englehart.  Would love to chat.
7 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Max Kennedy wrote:Can the brief rewards section have active links to the full description on the page?  

If there is a way to do it, I have not yet found it.  Can you find instructions on kickstaarter for something like that?

Nope, was just asking.  However might be something to ask Kickstarter to develop if not an available option.
Lots of good feedback.  Great descriptions of the rewards but takes a bit to find any given item as the list is generous.  Can the brief rewards section have active links to the full description on the page?  See example below.

Elementary and High schools usually let out last week of June so 1st week July often the earliest.  Thanks
7 years ago