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Recent posts by Gray Henon

If you want heat quick, think about a car radiator, as it is designed to dump heat as quickly as possible.  Lots of thin metal and airflow to dissipate heat quickly.

The heat coming off the top of your stove has already been transferred to your garage.  Like Douglas said, you need to capture more heat from the flue gasses to increase efficiency.   I like Lisa's heat sink idea.  They also made commercial heat exchangers that fit in a flue stack.  Another simple method is figure out a way to lengthen your stove pipe inside.  Beware that lengthening, slowing, and/or cooling flue gasses can result in creosote buildup and increased chimney fire risk. The solution to this is to split wood small and only burn it bone dry, being careful not to over fire your stove.  Your wood should always be bone dry, as it takes a lot of energy (wasted heat) to dry out wet wood.  Store your wood under cover, with good airflow, for at least a year, longer if possible.

For now, I'd focus on sealing and insulation.  You'll see more improvement from that than you would a few percentage points in efficiency on your stove.
4 days ago
How'd that cured leg turn out?  Got any pics?
I wouldn't pile them up against the trunk or over the exposed roots.  Had some agressive fungus start on a very large oak with leaves piled around the trunk during a wet spell.  I raked them back and the fungus cleared up.
1 week ago
Recieved 2 chestnut oaks instead of chestnuts on an order maded in 2016.  The oaks are 2x the size of the chestnuts planted at the same time, appear less bothered by pests, and made their first (unsucessful) attempts at acorns this year.  I can certainly see the potential for livestock feed.  I've never tried eating acorns of any variety.  If they work out, I will be pleased.  The more diversity the better!
1 week ago
Heat seems to treat me the best, but sometimes cold is the ticket, especially in the summer.  Alcohol seems to delay it but make it worse.   I've pretty much given up OTC meds unless something is actually injured.  Stretching helps, i should probably prestretch more than I do...
1 week ago
All the usual stuff: reduce stress, exercise, try to get enough sleep, limit caffeine and alcohol.   If you have reason to believe hormonal changes are taking place, it may be worth getting hormone levels checked.
1 week ago
Came back from Christmas eve dinner and the inlaws schnauzer had raided the gifts.  He probably ate over a pound of chocolate.  After much hullabaloo, he was fine.
1 week ago
Have you had the water tested? If not, you might be able to positively establish the fact that these chemicals are indeed entering the wetland.

Have you witnessed application of these chemicals from a lawn service or otherwise?  

Have you spoken to the homeowners with the largest impact?
Some privet made it into my last batch and while cultivated, bamboo is a regular staple.  

1 week ago