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I'm a retired Arabian horse breeder and endurance competitor, a writer, photographer, and fabric artist, currently living the good life off-grid in the high country of the US Southwest.
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When it comes down to it, I don't really care if plants are "dangerous" (i.e. toxic to critters that eat it, or maybe having seed-heads that could get lodged between the pads of a dog's foot). I can work around the risky part so that I can enjoy the beauty.

Mexican feather grass is so beautiful to me. Even when it's not moving it looks like it's moving, like the ocean.

2 days ago

r ranson wrote:Permies doesn't log me out but I've set my main browser and blockers to allow all things  It's been about 8 years now since the last time the system logged me out during a special server update.  

I, too, have set to be allowed and not changed. There was a Windows update last night... maybe that had something to do with it. Oh well, a mystery!

r ranson wrote:being logged in requires cookies so if your browser wipes the cookies with each session, it will log you out.

Some email services "protect" you from the internet by putting a special link that deletes all cookies or something when you press a link from  your email.  Apparently you can change this in your email settings.  

It used to be just outlook, but gmail and some of the other emails are being more "protective" with how their users interact with links and the interne

OK. I'm not sure what email setting changes might work in gmail (I looked through them and see nothing about cookies at all... maybe it's a  higher level issue i.e. Google). I can live with the little problem, I just wanted to see if there was a quick & easy solution. Guess not!

Thank you.

Jeremy VanGelder wrote:This is the right place to ask that kind of question. I don't know what the solution is. But someone who has an answer will probably pop up in a while. In the meantime, can I ask if you are on mobile or desktop? What operating system and browser are you using?

Desktop, Windows 10, Chrome.
If not, then is this the appropriate place to bring up an issue I'd normally ask the webmaster about?

This is the issue: When I receive a permies daily-ish email and click on a link and if I want to comment or to mark a post as helpful, almost always I discover I've been logged out. So I log in and the lose the page I was on and I have to go back to the original email and click on the link again. I'm sure there's a simple solution to this minor irritation that I haven't yet discovered, but how do I find it?  

Thank you. And my apology if this was not the place to be asking this question.

Denise Cares wrote:Hi Lif, The male goat is called a "billy or buck" and the male sheep is a "ram".

A billy goat - of course!  How could I have forgotten that!  Thanks!
2 weeks ago
I just love dandelions. Unfortunately they don't love living on my property. I have a few plants in sheltered areas, but it's way too dry for them to grow here without watering. This year I'm going to collect dandelion puffs and spread them in my veggie planters to see if I can grow them there.
2 weeks ago

Elena Sparks wrote:...a ram and a goat are two different species altho both are ruminant animals.

I was aware that goats and sheep were different species, but I thought ram was a term for the male of either species. Not the case?

I have been mixing up the two species I think since I saw my first one, and have to constantly remind myself of the differences, meaning I have to google it because I never remember. Now I'm really confused, because you said

goats (which both the males & females may or may not have horns) and rams loose their horns yearly and regrow them every year.  

and I thought that animals with horns (vs antlers) don't ever shed the horns.
2 weeks ago
Raven headed for the roost
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I planted that elm tree about 30 years ago.
1 month ago

Elena Sparks wrote:...Lambs are one of my favorite things to photograph, and I think I've been getting better at composition. What do you think?

I think those are fantastic photos!
1 month ago