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Myron Platte wrote:This is similar to how Russian serfdom operated, and it worked pretty well. The only freedom the serf didn't have was travel without permission. He had to give a fraction of his produce to the lord, who had to give a fraction to the Tsar. What's really interesting is that we seem to be seeing the organic development of a similar (though freer) arrangement.

I would bet that the original developed organically. And was probably freer in the beginning, too.
I wonder if partly sprouting the peas would make it easier to get the skins off?
1 day ago

Mk Neal wrote:Does anyone have a favorite that is either resistant to cucumber wilt or else produces early enough to get a good crop before late-summer?  

Cucumbers are a favorite in my family, but I have come to accept cucumber beetles as an intractable inevitable pest in my garden. I work full-time and just cannot fuss over the plants to keep them beetle-free.

Have you tried interplanting them with marigolds? I know it works for cabbage beetles, but I don't know if they repel cucumber beetles as well. I plan on testing them against squash bugs, corn earworms, and potato beetles this year.

Melonie Corder wrote:

Ellendra Nauriel wrote:I keep trying new varieties, and I keep gravitating back to the same one. Dragon's Egg.

I'm intrigued, it's going on my list. If you ever want to trade seeds...

I don't have a lot of seeds to spare for that one right now, but I plan on saving a lot this year. I'll let you know.
Baker Creek keeps having to take down their website so they can catch up on orders. Some websites are only allowing orders on certain days, or imposing strict limits on order sizes. Even then, things are selling out fast!

I think people are rattled by what's happening, and trying to take control of their lives as best they can. It's not just gardening, either. I was talking to a guy who makes small chicken coops for backyard flocks. He's got more orders than he can keep up with.
2 days ago
"Don't take advice from someone who thinks it's funny when you fail."

Not saying how long it took me to figure that one out.
4 days ago
I had been wondering how biochar might work in an arid or desert environment. Good to know!
4 days ago
(I hope it's ok to post this here!)

Just like the title says, I'm offering seeds for Carol Deppe's "Bigger Better Butternut Squash", through Seedwise.com.

All proceeds go toward the "Build Ellendra a House" fund
4 days ago
I know blueberries and wintergreen both love growing under pines. The only places I've ever found them growing wild were in pine forests.
4 days ago