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Recent posts by Ellendra Nauriel

There's a variety called "Elfie" that my mother has declared the best frying potato ever. She keeps reminding me to make sure to grow plenty of them next year, even though planting season is months away.

"Pinto Gold" is a good soup potato. It tends to be small and smooth-skinned, which makes it easy to just toss some in whole. It would probably do well in potato salads, although the color from the skins sometimes bleeds into the flesh and looks weird.

My favorite mashing potatoes are the gold-fleshed, waxy kinds. I know most people prefer the floury kinds, but to each their own. I really like "Redgold". It did fairly well in my garden this year. "Yukon Gold" and an unnamed variety from the grocery store were both good, too.

I tend to treat baked potatoes as mashing potatoes with skin on, so I don't have any variety just for that.

"Red Pontiac" did outstandingly well this year, and it's a good all-around potato, in my opinion.

I grew a fingerling variety this year that wasn't so good. It produced very well, but about every 3rd one was so bitter it burned my mouth! I ended up composting them rather than deal with that. Unfortunately, it didn't have a variety name on the label, just "Fingerling". It looked a lot like "Russian Banana", but there's no way to tell for sure.

7 hours ago
Have you done a necropsy on the dead animals to see if there were clues?

I'd be inclined to suspect the straw. If possible, move all animals away from where the straw has been laid, until you can do a deep cleaning. Check on any survivors several times a day, paying attention to their breathing. Personally, I would start my flock on a round of medication for coccidiosis, just as a precaution.

I adopted a stray chicken a few years ago, too. Mine wasn't nearly as friendly as yours, but she's a valuable member of the flock now. Isolation is a good idea.
1 day ago
No, but I sometimes put bones and gristle in the charcoal maker along with other burnables. I like that the resulting char has no odor. The gristle usually turns everything in the batch an interesting shade of silver. It's actually kind of pretty if you know to expect it.
1 week ago
This method sounds a lot like the older potpourri recipes. The kind that involved fresh plant materials fermenting in a pot. Not the dried kind.
2 weeks ago
Not completely, but a little charcoal mixed in with the sawdust does a good job of controlling odors.
2 weeks ago
Is there a light inside the coop? That might encourage the chickens to go in at night. Also, make sure that the roosts inside the coop are the highest ones available to them. They seem to like high places.

2 weeks ago
Not yet, but hoping to start soon. My plan is to add it to the legume part of my crop rotation. Since they fix their own nitrogen, they aren't as affected by the "nitrogen vacuum" stage. If I can keep it up for 4-5 years, I'll have covered my whole field.

We'll see if I can keep it up. It's one of those things that keeps getting bumped on the priority list.
2 weeks ago
Corn sometimes responds to environmental factors in weird ways. I can't remember if it was a drought or a flood year, but there was one year when it seemed like half my corn was producing various ear/tassel combinations like the one in that photo.
2 weeks ago
I think Jack Beans (Canavalia ensiformis) are probably the biggest I've ever seen, but they're hard to find seeds for. There's a runner bean variety called "Folsom Indian Ruin" sold by Seed Treasures that's big, even compared to other runner beans.

Scarlet Runner is probably the biggest widely-available variety.

When comparing bean sizes, look for a catalog that tells you the number of seeds per ounce. The smaller the number, the bigger the seed.
2 weeks ago
Look up "Fog Nets" and "Fog Harps". Both are designed to harvest condensation from the air, exactly like you described. Both should give you some ideas on how to make a harvester for yourself.
2 weeks ago