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Recent posts by Opalyn Rose

This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP Curiculum.  Completing this BB is part of getting the straw badge in Homesteading

In this Badge Bit you will tow a vehicle with another vehicle for at least 100 yards.

Here are some interesting articles for your inspiration:



Minimum requirements:
        - attach the tow straps or chains to both vehicles
        - tow the stranded vehicle 100 yards without breaking the chain or tow straps

To document completion of the BB, provide proof of the following as video (<2 min):
       - you attaching the tow strap(s) or chain(s)
       - you doing the towing
1 week ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:OoooOooooh, did I just find the $50,000 stretch goal? If so, it's super exciting!

Don’t think so, maybe it is the goal from a previous Kickstarter.

The email project update said it is two tickets to this year’s PDC with Alan.
1 week ago
Starting Design Phase and Parts list for a wheel that will look something like this:
It will either be a tabletop/floor unit or be on legs like the Tom Thumb or Great Wheels that have been shown in this thread.
2 weeks ago

Dorothy Pohorelow wrote:Babes Fiber Garden - Liten Spindel Charka.

Project will not include pvc but a good overall design
2 weeks ago

r ranson wrote:
Do you have access to thingy for cutting and putting metal back together?

Yes.  I do personally and so does WL.

Can it have wood base?

Great Question!  I don't yet have any design specifics from WL just a request to design and build an artifact for the PTJ.
2 weeks ago
This one is likely a four-hour build:

I would not have it on wheels but a stable base or table unit.
2 weeks ago
are you interested in a seated version?
This is not a spinning wheel yet but could be the start of one.

Here is a bicycle blender that could be the framework for a pedal-powered spinning wheel:
2 weeks ago
Most of the images (drawings) showing hugel design/install show the logs laying lengthwise of the hugel.  This facilitates for slumping (the falling you discussed in the opening post).  If you cut the logs to the width of the hugel and lay them perpendicular to the run of the hugel then each layer helps hold the dirt up instead of letting it fall down.  Here is a photo of the first course of material placed for a 13-foot long hugel that runs fro left to right in the photo.  After covering these with soil, I will put a layer of 3.5" logs, then dirt, 3' logs, dirt, etc
2 weeks ago