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My name is Jennifer, I'm married to a wonderful man for 28 years and counting. We have four grown children. Two girls and two boys. Being a mom is my most important and favorite job. I love to garden, paint, crochet, read, go to the movies, upcycle/refinish furniture, and do just about any art or craft project. We have 3 dogs, 5 indoor cats, ? cats that live on our property, and 21 chickens. All but the chickens are strays that just showed up and demanded we love them, so we do.
N. California
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I would not say hot composting is a permies no no.  Compost is an amazing way to improve your soil, an grow healthy food.  How you get that compost is a personal decision.  There are many ways to compost, and I would say each has advantages, and disadvantages.  Hot composting isn't as environmentally friendly as some of the other methods, but if you need compost soon hot composting is the way to go.  
I personally don't hot compost because I'm  terrible at it, and too lazy.  Cold composting, and Verma compost are what works for me.   Cold compost takes forever, but it is so much less work and less complicated. My worm bin is actually pretty quick, a bit more work to sift the worm castings from the worms, and you get a small amount, but it is super amazing.  
Unfortunately if you ask 20 people about composting you will probably get 30 answers.  You just learn what you can, and do what works for you.  Ultimately you will probably learn the most through trial and error.  Have fun.
4 days ago
Rhyme a rhyme, words are such fun,
what signals the end, when is it done?
5 days ago
Hi Jenny I am probably the last person who should respond to your question because when it comes to hot composting I am an epic fail.  That being said I love your compost bins you did an assume job!  Have you read Dr. RedHawk's Things everyone should know about compost but probably don't ?   I think it will help you a great deal.  I personally would just toss the food waist and anything else in as I get it, knowing it wont start to hot compost until it gets enough volume, it seems like a better solution then having a bucket of rotting food sitting around.  Just remember I'm not a good hot composter.  On a side note even if it doesn't hot compost organic matter will still brake down and eventually become compost.  Cool compost takes a great deal longer, but it's better for the environment.  cool composting is so much easier.  I just throw what I want to compost in and forget it.  No turning, no worrying about brown to green ratios. The only real downfall to this method for me so far is it takes so much longer, and I don't put any weeds with seed into it because it doesn't get hot and won't kill the weed seed.  This is what I have started doing, so I can still compost and not feel like a failure. Good luck to you.  Jen
5 days ago
Welcome I look forward to learning something new about Chinese Greenhouses, and how to use them.
2 weeks ago
I will look and see what I have and get back to you, but I just have some basic stuff, nothing on your list.  I don't know if you live by a store, but you can buy a prepaid visa or master card.  It would  cost you about 3 to 5 dollars in addition to what you put on it, but then you can buy what you want.  Good Luck
2 weeks ago
Then we bask in the sun, and bathed in the rain
People lived in peace free from suffering and pain
2 weeks ago
Maybe the aliens will help heal the land
It would be amazing, totally grand.
2 weeks ago
I second what Pearl said.  I first used my aunt's old basic Singer and enjoyed sewing. Very much.  My Grandma gave me a modern machine (for the 1980's). Before I got it one of my younger cousins played with it and messed up the tension.  I spent many frustrating hours trying to get that stupid thing to sew. I gave up and didn't sew again until my mom bought an old Singer at a yard sale.  That machine worked beautifully for many years.  When it finally broke my husband bought me an industrial Basic Singer.  It works well and does everything I need.  Don't tell my husband, but the old machine was better hands down.  Good luck.  Sewing is kind of a dieing art, and it feels amazing starting with a flat piece of material and ending up with something useful.
2 weeks ago
Pearl I love it.  I hope you don't mind I plan to copy your idea.  Kind of sort of.  I need a bag for my push mower.  I will use what I have on hand.  If it works I will post a picture.  Thanks.
2 weeks ago
Trying to be perfect would be quite a burden.  
In my family we always used the one about people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.  I think it's admirable to use your fork as a life lesson, but didn't you learn more with the fork, than if it hadn't ben there?  Just a thought.