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since Jul 06, 2019
Restaurant manager in the East Valley
Mesa, Arizona
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You know you're a permie when...

You weren't able to make the boot program for financial reasons, but when you saw a job posting for labor at a nursery thought,

"2 birds, 1 stone"

and got the job
2 months ago

D.W. Stratton wrote:

Olga Booker wrote:I plant trees.

There is an excellent short film called The Man Who Planted Trees. Well worth a watch.

It's done in a beautiful water color style. Such a heartening story! Makes me want to plant 100 acorns a day for 10 years.

Thanks for the share, was reminded I had to watch that.

Also, I believe they mentioned it in podcast 61...
2 months ago
Permies Connections <3

(if it works out, hope y'all make a post about it )
2 months ago
Paid the boot fee.
Ready for the questionnaire.

Will have listened to the first 200 podcasts soon.
Just a few items to finish up before hitting the road.
Arrival goal: 2nd week in May.

7 months ago