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Recent posts by Jr. Gibson

I live close by a nice lake and town. I'm wanting to build a small tiny octagon cabin, and live off grid with a female with the same interests , grow own food, solar, and wind power , hunt fish, and enjoy the outdoors. Would like to live on the lake in tiny floating house part time , and in the cabin part time. I'm a semi retired veteran . So if theirs any females out there with the same interests , just e-mail me and let's talk . I live all out door things , and nature.

                        JR.  Gibson
9 months ago
Need a retired female , male partner and companion to help run a green bean farm in Eastern Ky. Already have a big metal bran there, and a 14 x 40 cabin to share. Looking for a veteran, or senior citizen to make extra income. Have all equipment needed , will have a place to stay.So if your interested just E-mail me. And I will give you more info. Wi be semi off grid, will have electric and water. If you have a camper to park on the farm, that's fine too. Profit from the green beans, wi be divided up.

I have lived off grid for 10 years alone. I am a veteran, a d have all types of skills to offer a partner and soulmate. But I've had no luck. I've offered for them to come here and live. , But Im willing to relocate. I live in a nice forest, on a nice lake, and in a nice town, with good people. The cost of living is very reasonable. You can grow good here year around. We have very mild winters lots of rain . I'm a outdoors , nature loveeing type person.. Very giving and understanding. So if theirs anyone ,wanting to live off grid , single, couples, let's do something while we can .
Hello Kristy, I have live off grid for 10 years, alone ,and it would be nice to have a partner off grid. I am a veteran, a d have na y off grid skills to offer. I can help you find sone land In Texas , if that's were you want to be . I have lived in the swamps, desert, and in the cold. I lived in Del Rio for two years. Im in Ky.,right now, a d willing to have the best of both places. So just let me know ,and we can talk more

1 year ago
Hello, I have lived off grid for 10 years. I have all kinds of skills, solar, wind turbines, electrical, plumbing, survival, and gardeni g, fishing ,and hunting. I'm a veteran, and a caring person. It would be nice to be around some nice people. I have a small income coming In every month. I hope to find a off grid partner on down the road. I'm interesting in helping you out.
Hello, I live in Ky, and have been living off grid for 10 years. I'm looking for a friend, partner, and soulmate. I'm a veteran. I'm the outdoors, nature loving type. I'm a very caring , and giving man, so if you would like to chat, I'm here.
Hi there, I have been living off grid for 10 years, and I'm looking for  friend, companion, soulmate, tive a happy off-grid life. If you would like to chat, I'm here