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I don’t t have any clay but I have very rocky hard soil. The idea that daikon radish can help in this is laughable. The guy in the picture holding a 2 foot radish does not have a compaction problem.

I have seen good results from very hard work thrashing the ground with a pick and mattock.

I got great results from where an excavator moved a lot of material (even the spots that were driven over after being dug up were 1000x better).

I’m thinking of making a 2-tined broad fork and giving that a try. I don’t think I can get a 4-tine or 3-tine in the ground even with my 250 lbs. on it.

I say hire someone with an ungodly huge excavator to till your soil to a depth of 3 feet. Frankly it doesn’t matter if it causes you to lose some “top soil” or disturbs the microbial life of the soil. You can’t grow food on a marble counter top.

2 months ago
Wow! This is going to be the first cookbook I’ve ever purchased. This will be a gem of a resource and in homes of most permies and preppers.
2 months ago
Can anyone give advice on how to get some P. nigra growing? I bought a bunch of seeds on Etsy and did not get germination from any of them. Any ideas on where to get the seeds?
3 months ago
After clipping the primary feathers of the birds, I’m wondering if the stubble of their feathers is injuring their backs. Maybe it’s rooster mating injuries, but from but the timing seems unlikely. Any one experienced this before? Any tricks to reduce injury from clipped-wing stubble?
3 months ago
I don't have pictures anymore of it but I too have carried a deer from of the woods on my handle bars. There were a couple steep parts where I just pushed it but but mostly rode the whole way.

Also, I use to bring my 2 garbage cans to the dump on a big trailer.I
3 months ago