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since May 13, 2019
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Is currently working for a small city in the south east corner of Kansas. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2009. Loves to talk about and make fermented things. Is a non militant vegan but laughs at jokes about vegans. Also like to try make really good vegan food. And having fun with experiments.
South East Kansas
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Recent posts by T Blankinship

Hester Winterbourne wrote:
My problem is, there is going to be more than a gallon, but not as much as two.  I hate waste.  So when I have siphoned off a demijohn-full, what to do with the remaining portion?
 It will be neither wine nor mead nor cider, but would this be a feasible method to create something nice?

The lees (dead yeast) can be compacted or fluffy this can change what remains. Adding clarifying aids can help but time also helps too. Siphoning can be more of an art that an science, one key is to stop before the lees get up the siphon. I think that rhubarb, ginger and honey would go well together. Could you post the recipe you used? Also what was the starting gravity?
48 minutes ago
Besides the plum what other fruit trees are going to be planted?
What recipe did you use to make the dandelion fritters?
Just backed the kickstarter at $100 a minute ago!
2 weeks ago
How are bamboo shoots used in cooking? I just use them in stir fry. Any recipes you like to use them in?
2 weeks ago

Magdalene Bolton wrote:

T Blankinship wrote:How bad was the hail storm?

It wasn’t too bad, just very strange! It went almost as quickly as it came... and melted. The hail was very small but came in a downpour just minutes after we finished watering the garden.  

Good! Few years ago I had two inch hail and that was loud. I save three pieces in my freezer and then added the hail to a little whisky. Did you use a starter with the yogurt?
3 weeks ago
For months now I have been trying to find full-fat coconut milk in my local shops and no luck. Then I saw this video from food scientist Rosemary Trout about vegan milk. Wow I did not know one can make potato milk. If only Matt Damon's character in the movie "The Martian" knew. Anyone up for making pistachio or pea milk ice cream?
3 weeks ago
How bad was the hail storm?
3 weeks ago

Keep it up, maybe you can come and see us one day.
Build yourself a boat and come across the pond to us, you can do it :-)

So you build a boat and maybe stop off in the Caribbean. Then become "Permies of the Caribbean", building awesome permaculture everywhere.

Anne Miller wrote:We had four Bradford Pears on our homestead without any issues.

I heard a joke years ago about Bradford Pears. When buying a Bradford Pear also get a chainsaw! One of the Reasons was branches would break due to wind, ice or bad storms. Cleveland pear tree did improve on the Bradford and when I worked at a landscaping business that is what we had in stock. The tree crotch angle was improved on the Cleveland, this help the tree survive.
4 weeks ago