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since May 13, 2019
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Is currently working for a small city in the south east corner of Kansas. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2009. Loves to talk about and make fermented things. Is a non militant vegan but laughs at jokes about vegans. Also like to try make really good vegan food. And having fun with experiments.
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Recent posts by T Blankinship

Hi neighbor! If I was going to buy say 5 or 10 or more comfrey plants could we meet in Joplin? That way shipping would not be an issue.
1 day ago
Great job Nancy Reading!
1 day ago

paul wheaton wrote: Is it possing that interest in this is shrinking?  Am I wrong?

I think it come down to the subject and what is going on in the world. If there was some one on TV, Youtube, in print, etc. saying "I saved $1,000 year by jumping on one foot". Then I feel a Kickstarter about jumping around would take off.  Another thing I think would help is making things easier. I find the easier something is to do the faster it will happen. Think about someone who has never supported a Kickstarter or is new to permaculture. Years ago a short Youtube video was made to explain how to up your pledge on Kickstarter. What about another video but talking about how to make an account on Kickstarter and explaining how to start a Permies one. Aimed at first time users.

Rob Read wrote: Is is insurable? Will my rates go up? Does my municipality even allow it? Will the fire department put me on a naughty list?
Other limitations that came up for us: Will my house be able to hold all the weight? Will my partner think it looks ugly?

This were my questions too about RHM. For me two things are stopping me from building a RMH and they are:
1. legal issues, how to explain this project to all the departments of making you sad. So they understand what is going on and would say yes.
2. People and money, from what I have read and podcasts listened to (I am on podcast  #411 right now). It takes maybe 20 or more people to build an RHM. That also brings up other issues like food, materials for the project and places for people to sleep. And that takes money!    
1 week ago
Great! I will continue to promote the Kickstarter. Could we get to 1,100 before Tuesday?  Well, I will try!
2 weeks ago

Nancy Reading wrote:Is it just a matter of pulverising the nuts with a little water? Any hints and tips?

Short answer yes. When I make vegan milk I use 40 grams of nuts to 1 cup (8 oz) of water. For cream I would use about 80 grams to 8 oz. If you want a smooth cream I would use a nut milk bag or a fine mesh strainer.

1. Using a blender take the nuts and water and blend for about a minute.
2. Using  a nut milk bag or strainer filter the cream. If using a bag it is ok to squeeze the bag. If using a strainer use a spoon to move the mix around. Repeat as needed.
3. Wait. It will take a few minutes up to about ten minutes to get the cream out.
4. Enjoy.
2 weeks ago
Did some posting on social media and I estimate around 100 and maybe as high as 2,000 people may see it. I used my referral code and now the wait begins again.
3 weeks ago
One referral code, please and thank you!
3 weeks ago
It is funny to me that esoteric the word, is in my mind esoteric. Now the pictures that me think about esoteric things:

1. Attack on Titan reference to Sasha Blouse aka "Potato Girl"
2. Barbenheimer, two movies I have not seen yet (Barbie and Oppenheimer) maybe in a few months I do not know.
3 weeks ago
I have clicked the notify me on launch button! Now the waiting begins...
3 weeks ago
North Spore has a plastic degrading mushroom culture. So cool  the things that fungi can do!
Plastic Degrading Mushroom Culture
3 weeks ago