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Is currently working in a small city in the south east corner of Kansas. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2009. Loves to talk about and make fermented things. Is a non militant vegan but laughs at jokes about vegans.
South East Kansas
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I just harvested my winter rye a day ago. It was my first time growing grain. This video is a quick over view of the steps one does.  

The fan does help get the small stuff out but you need to do it a few times. Good Luck to you!

Burra Maluca wrote:

Of course, if you support Paul's kickstarter at the $100 level, the $100 gapper fee is waived AND you get all the kickstarter goodies thrown in.  Just sayin'...

I supported the kickstarter at the $150 level and shared the link.

Tereza Okava wrote:I know from previous geta purchases that the straps are usually REALLY tight, like the first time you wear them you wonder if you're going to need a crowbar to get your toes under them (then again, as a large-footed barbarian in Japan I usually felt that way whenever footwear or slippers was involved....). My geta were always very well secured on my feet. Maybe that's why the straps are usually made of something nice and soft (I had a few where the straps were padded velvet), so they can loosen up and still keep the shoes on safely.  

That helps me out a lot. My thought starting this project was that geta were something like a flip flop. Having the geta tight on the foot would solve the issue I have been having with my foot moving on the geta. I just need to get more wood to make another pair.
4 days ago
Cool! Sleeping in a tent in the mountains is something I did years ago and I like it. I will look into the sepper and bootcamp. Thank you Burra Maluca for posting the link.
I was listening to the podcast and it brought back a few memories. First my father self-published a book years ago and had a lot of difficulty selling his book. He would walk into stores and ask if they would sell his book. I can remember only two places that would. Most would not speak with him or tell him to call so and so. To say it was hard is an understatement. I have read "Building a Better World in your Backyard" and I like it.  The next memory was working at a landscaping place about four years ago. They had three green houses full of plants and other things. During the winter I would come in to water the plants. The big greenhouse was heated by a jet heater at one end and a propane heater at the other. In the day it could get 80 F+ in the greenhouse, which is nice if it is 20 F outside. The job was hard and the pay was bad. About a year after I left the landscaping place one of the owners found out he had cancer and then died about six mouths after. For the record I am a non militant vegan but laughs at jokes about vegans. When I was working with the owner he would say things like " Well my father died of cancer, I will mostly get it and I should eat healthier" or something like "I should eat like what you eat". I love the idea of a Truly Passive Greenhouse and I showed my mother the kickstarter video on youtube and she said that is what the world needs.

Now on to a happy idea. Could a person come to Wheaton Labs say for a week to work on a project? I work a 40 hour day job but I get two weeks of vacation a year. To me it would be fun to come and work on a project as an extra pair of hands. If there is a way to do this how would I go about it?  
Yes the attachments do need some work. I am thinking that a bigger strap would help. I need to make another pair that fixes the following: Foot movement on shoe, better way to attach the strap, better comfort when on the foot and easier to take off and on. Here is a picture of me with the geta on.  
2 weeks ago
How far from the southeast Kansas border is the farm?
1 month ago
Ok an apprenticeship would be the way to go.  I made my first geta last night but was in a rush due to a storm brewing. I need more practice but I think it is a good start.
1 month ago