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craig howard

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since Mar 06, 2019
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Recent posts by craig howard

They are also something that can be dried and stored for winter chicken feed.
1 week ago
On the animal topic.
I have read on here that ammonia keeps some critters away,..
and adds nitrogen.
1 week ago
Sounds like you have been slaking it.
Slaking is good for hydrated lime, makes it better from what I hear from my expert.
Low quality hydrated lime is slaked for years in water,
to improve the calcium to magnesium ratio, I think.
I have a bucket of slaking lime in my basement.

If you mix lime with clay and bake it in a kiln again it makes cement/concrete.
It is then cured by water and sets much quicker and is then cured by water.
Whereas lime is cured by air/CO2 and can therefore take a long time to set and get increasingly harder for a hundred years.
Also can self heal cracks using the minerals in rain.
If they build a brick wall using lime mortar I don't think they build much more than 3ft a day and let it cure.

So even though lime is better in many ways; takes less energy to make and improves over time
it has mostly been replaced by concrete because it sets faster.
There are different types like type S but I can't remember the difference.
Some are for mortar and some are for surface plaster.
1 week ago
To deal with smell I usually cover my compost with grass clippings.
I end up growing squash or something in the pile the next year.
I think a pile of grass clippings looks nice too. Like a hay pile in a field.
1 week ago
I was thinking big rocks on top of the soil will cool at night,
store that coolness and condense water on them during the day.
2 weeks ago
I don't want to gloat,.. well maybe just a little.
My neighbor lady recently declared me her leftovers guy.

She hates leftovers.
Boom today she brought me cornbread, chili, and beef stew.

I don't take the time I should to cook a good meal for myself.

I have let a lot of garden produce get away this year.
But I give away as much as I can.

I have scrounged a bunch of wild elderberries and grapes that would have gone to waste.
Overall I should be going into winter with a good food supply.
2 weeks ago
I love the wooden axe handle protector idea,... and I have some spare leaky inner tubes.
3 weeks ago
Have you heard of an air well?
It uses compressed air to lift water.
I think 15psi is often used.
3 weeks ago
A squirrel chewed a line on my vegetable oil filter and it leaked some on the ground.
Couldn't grow grass there for a couple years.
Makes kind of a hard shell.
4 weeks ago
A cummins 4BT would weigh too much for that truck.
It's also expensive and becoming a hard to find engine.

A VW TDI diesel would have more power than the engine that truck came with
it's easier to find,
can be made to operate without a computer (M-TDI)
and would be cheaper to operate.

Problem I see is the truck would use a transmission and the generator would be direct drive.
Unless you are using the engine to run electric motors for power to the wheels.
1 month ago