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Recent posts by Daniel Zimmermann

Tropical plants in a non-tropical area seems a little out of line with permie philosophy unless it can be done low impact/man made micro climate.

But in other ways it works quite well.  You are reducing the need to ship foods from long distances.  And you may be using an heirloom or uncommon variety.  The Cavendish banana is one of the most vulnerable and threatened fruits in the world, but there are hundreds, maybe thousands of varieties.  If a solar greenhouse lets us do that, then it's very permie.
6 years ago
While copper might work better in your area, part of what makes this work in the slums this is designed for is that there's no material in it worth salvaging.  Copper and aluminum are sellable for scrap,and it's not uncommon to see A/C units stolen for the metal parts (at least here in California).
7 years ago
I've got a Nutrimill I don't use--I have a few smaller ones more appropriate to my needs.

I'm asking $175 (they sell for $260 new), plus shipping.
I saw this, and as I did not already find a reference to it, thought it too valuable not to share.

Thirty one years ago I started growing rare lines of cold hardy northern corn for my family's grain in Montana. Modern corn wouldn't mature in the mountains where I lived, so I had to work with heirloom Native corns. I learned that about 12 lines of Mandan Indian corn had been saved in the national seed bank, but those lines appear somewhat inbred. I began a search for corn still kept alive by Indian families and descendants of homesteaders. After years of evaluation and crossing I eventually created a large and diverse gene pool. I exposed this corn to the severe stress of my Montana home, selecting only the hardiest to breed from. I called this Painted Mountain Corn.

11 years ago
The alcohol fuel of the future isn't ethanol, but butanol.
12 years ago
I'm in a biodiesel class and the subject of acid pre-treating high-FFA oil with H2SO4 has come up.  However, neither the instructors nor any students know the why it works.  Can someone explain  the what and why to me?
12 years ago