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Central Indiana, zone 6a, clay loam
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Recent posts by Heather Sharpe

What a great project and site! I didn't know that Patch Adams was real either, but so glad that he is! There's some serious wisdom there and I hope we soon see a world where that vision of health care is realized. Thanks for sharing this!
3 days ago
Y'all botany plants lately?
4 days ago
I would highly recommend Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster. These books are incredibly helpful for understanding how to work with water and your land in ways that grow abundance for you and your watershed.
A solid field guide to plants, preferably specific to your bioregion, would probably be good to have. One with a key system of some sort is ideal. A plant field guide is one my most often used books.
What a great idea! I can get a little overwhelmed at planting time, so this is super helpful.
We have lots of birds and wildlife and they love to dig through any kind of loose soil looking for worms and seeds, so I'll probably need to cover the trays with a screen of some sort. Or maybe I'll just sow them directly into the ground and put pointy sticks around where I plant the seeds. That strategy has mostly worked to deter the diggy creatures for me, long as the sticks are spaced close enough. Plus, it helps me remember where I planted.
4 days ago
Lemon cucumbers are my favorite. I love their slightly tart flavor and juiciness, along with the fact they don't get the bitterness some cucumbers do. I like that they are a good size that I can just eat a whole one as a snack without having to store leftover bits. They've also been crazy productive despite my somewhat lazy gardening habits. And they're so pretty! The yellow color makes them easy to find and harvest. They might not be the best for pickling, but I haven't tried it myself. I just eat them fresh and end up sharing what I can't eat with others cause there's so many of them.
How many Klingons does it take to change a light bulb?
None. Real warriors are not afraid of the dark.
1 week ago
I accidentally went to a Star Trek convention dressed as Chewbacca from Star Wars.
What a Wookie mistake!
1 week ago
A particularly silly and amusing group game I like is called slack jawed dance off. Two people face one another, letting their jaws hang slack and open. They must maintain eye contact at all times and keep their jaw slack. Both begin dancing in such a manner as to get the other person to laugh or smile. They must continue dancing the whole time and no talking. When one person cracks up or smiles, they have to step aside and make way for a new challenger.
Obviously, this one is not presently safe, in light of current circumstances. But it will be one day, so wanted to share before I forgot.
1 week ago
And then you go back to pondering which is really your favorite song about composting toilets, "Your Potty is a Wonderland" by the Watershed Management group or "Dad's Dunny" by Formidable Vegetable. So hard to choose...
1 week ago
You're forced to go to the laundromat cause your rainwater supply is running low. In the hopes of avoiding contaminating your laundry with other people's smelly detergents, you skip the dryers there and opt to hang it in your bathroom to dry. Alas, the trace amounts of detergent make the laundry reek of whatever chemical cocktail it is that normal people think smells "clean".
Then you're struck by the fact that your unvented composting toilet smells better to you than said "clean" laundry, which makes you feel so sick that you have to put it outside to air out.
1 week ago