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Recent posts by Christopher Shepherd

I like the vacuum machine.  Meat doesn't get freezer burned.  The reusable containers are nice for many food items.  I wish I could figure out an edible vacuum bag.

Edit: I looked on the web and found biodegradable vacuum bag made from corn.  Has anybody used these and are they really harmless to the environment?  
1 week ago
As long as it is really tight and I had a good CO detector I would be fine with it.  One thing I have learned is the volume of nasty gasses from anything burning can be dangerous.  I would check and make sure the burner unit is in good working order.  I was looking at a couple different designs at the farm science review and could put my hand in any of the exhausts with out any trouble at all.
1 week ago
When your neighbor has rag weed 2 stories tall in his front yard and you don't mind at all, but your visitors do.
1 week ago
I have not had a problem in 7 years.  That is painful and I know I don't want to go through that again. First thing I never eat 2 meals a day with pork or beef.  The second meal will be turkey or chicken.  I limit myself to 1 pork chop or 1 stake a day.  The other good thing is this significantly lowered my cholesterol to normal levels.  If I am traveling and accidentally eat to much pork or beef I take a tart cherry extract.  I wish you the best of luck.
1 week ago
I grow stevia here.  I bring it in for the winter too. I keep it in our sun room and it has no heat other than a freezer running.  It gets down into the low 50s at night and I never seem to have an issue.  My oldest plant is 5 years old that was from seed.  I have a bunch that I started from cuttings doing well right now.  

I noticed here if it is direct sunlight in the summer it gets to hot and wilts.  I started putting them where they only get morning sunlight and they do great.

I cut it 3 times a summer almost all the way down.  I strip the leaves and dry them on racks.  They stay nice and green.  I sell 1/2 pint bags full of leaves at my sons food stand for 2 bucks.  I don't have much left over for us this year.
1 week ago
I have a light cap on my head right now.  I just went out to fill the rocket in the dark. It cost $.75 per refill.  It last 2 weeks for me.  I have been trying to design one that charges in the sun light.  I haven't found small rechargeable batteries yet that a normal person can afford.  My sister in law made me a wool stocking cap that fits over it and over my ears to keep me going in the winter.  They have helped me fix more vehicle problems because I can see.  They extend my day between 2 and 3 hours this time of year.
2 weeks ago
We like are zareba.  We have ran it for 7 years.  I use a 50 watt panel, a $19 harbor freight charge controller with a 220 amp hour AGM battery.  We had a bunch of these 220 ah batteries dumped on the market here when the cell towers switched to lithium.  I checked it in our last 7 days of darkness and the battery was still at 14.4v.  We added a remote switch to cut the ground out from the fence charger for doing chores.

Edit AGM battery.  I had to use an agm or it probably would have toasted by now and the cows would got out.  Sometimes low maintenance is good for me.  Somehow they know when the fence is off.
2 weeks ago
Gary I hope the best for you.  Everyone slows down.  I am only 46 and definitely know when I dig a swale by hand.  I think permaculture gives me a really good reason to keep going.  I get to learn something new every time I go out the door.  I think having a few animals to take care of gives me a reason to go out no matter what the weather is.  There is always something to do.  Having our own home grown food has tightened my family.  When I am sore this site is a nice comfortable place to talk.  
2 weeks ago
The kids run around here with stocks hanging out of their mouths from mid August till harvest.  They love it.  I bet it would sell well.  It will ferment into alcohol in a few days in the juice form.  We get our alcohol from the bottom of the silage buckets while feeding.  The juicer can be hand run, but makes me tired after about a quart! I can get you some seed if you pm me.  Ours is a mix of honey drip, sugar drip and menenite to keep the gene pool mixed up.
2 weeks ago
Hi William. This is how we do it in our greenhouse.  We have made it down to 26 degrees this year so far.  I chose to vent it. We use a 3" aluminum pipe with a stainless scrubber in it so it vents slowly.

We can run vegetable oil in it now.  If you look at the my vegetable oil lamp post it tells you how I do it.  I Have tried to get the old fashioned mantels to run good off of other fuels. I have only had luck with alcohol, naphtha ( drip gas) and kerosene. There is a good preformed mantle that is made by Aladdin to be heated with a kerosene wick.  It may be good to experiment with.  Lahmans hardware had a few pictures of them.
2 weeks ago