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Recent posts by Sena Kassim

Hi Chloe, welcome to Madison county. We've been here about 4yrs. We love it. We are just outside of hot springs.

Anyways, our neighbors have a gator and it's awesome.  We are considering one once we have the funding.

Currently we use our toyota fj cruiser. It's a boss. Thick mud, sides of hills, hauling logs around. Snow, no problem. We've pulled out a few stuck vehicles out with it.  It was about 11k 5 years ago. The interior is mostly rubber and hard plastic for the flooring. Makes the yearly bath easier. Haha.
4 days ago
That's good to know. Thank you!

Do you insulate your hives?
Or add a moisture control box?

Just curious what others might be doing.

1 month ago
Hi there, this is our inspiration for winter bees. We haven't done it all yet. I'm hoping we can out them vivaldi box on during a run of warm winter days. Say that ver 65 us ok to open a hive?

Do y'all not peep in the gives all winter?

Your bee shed sounds rad.

Great advice!

Thank you much.

1 month ago
Here's the link about winterizing.

We were so late. Summer and fall were very busy for us, unfortunately the bees didn't get any fall care.

Hope this helps 🌻
1 month ago
Hi John,
Great question and answers. So you get an apple.

This is our first winter with bees. We live in western NC, growing zone of 6b.

We wrapped our bees in insulation. We have not put on a vivaldi board. I think it's short of like the quilt box.

Would love to know what others are doing.

Here's our bees bundled up. Hope it's enough b
1 month ago
Hi Kim, great project.
When I lived out west we'd plant thick rows of sunflowers to provide shade. Even the shorter varieties provide shade.

Passion flower might be an option. Certain varieties can over winter in the soil.

Lots of mulch and organic matter can do wonders for desert soil.

2 months ago
Key limes are like soft lemons. Love thier taste. Meyer lemon is supposed to be more frost tolerant.

It likely depends on what growies you want to grow.

If you plant the trees or bushes near a wall, then the radiant heat and wind block maybe enough.

In phoenix, slightly higher growing zone of 13. We'd heavily mulch bananas with straw in the winter. It worked well. I miss all the citrus and figs....we know live  n zone 6b.
2 months ago
Hey, this is neat. Ev n how you mounted the tomato on the post probably provided some shade for the roots.

Do you find you have to water often?

Our summers are warm. Placed just right I think these could work well for us.
2 months ago
Hi Jordan, when I lived and farmer in phoenix. We'd plant the rain before gardens.

Dig a dealer, like suggested above. Then add mulch. It will soften the soil and allow water to infiltrate. Rather than run off

One of the houses I lived in, the yard was planted with sod and underneath the sod was black plastic. What a terrible idea??
We hired a company to come  move the top layer and plastic. Then I'm mulched the entire area and set a sprinkler on it for about 6 months before planting. The soil underneath was beautiful. Then I dug swales for the gutters to fill and soak the water into the soil.

Happy growing
2 months ago
We are considering something similar. We put a compost pile outsid thier coop. During the weekend winter we will let them in to turn it and feed.
Eventually we will cover the compost. Providing a windbreak, warmth and feed.

Y'all got me thinking about putting in grow trays for n benches.

A btu of a rabbit. That's awesome that can be calculated.

Thank you
2 months ago