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Recent posts by Sena Kassim

Wow! This is awesome. I downloaded it and looked around. Very customizable and great data collection. I really enjoy making spreadsheets and organizing data. Creating something like this is way above my level. I can certainly learn to utilize this. We mostly want to sell to caterers. There are many seasonal events in our little town. Not so much a market for a CSA. This workbook can be adjusted to accommodate that info.

I'll enter in some of info and let you know if anything looks odd. So far it's totally rad.
1 month ago
Welcome CK! We live near hot springs, NC. When we feel more comfortable having gatherings...we should have a permie potluck. To get to know each other, share ideas.

Just not at our farm, it's always a hot mess. Haha. We've got about 5 acres. Some flat land with goats, chickens, and Pyrenees pups.
Then we have a few acres of woods and gentle slopes. Plus our garden.

Some things that I'm very much interested in when we speak of community, is starting a seed library and creating  a planting calendar.

What are some of your thoughts on creating community?

Hope you all have a great day.
1 month ago
Awesome post Jay!

Very well said. There are so many ways permaculture can relate to a business. From watersheds, communities and farms.
I really want to create a farm that provides much of what we need and have some extra to trade/sell.
Best of luck on your growing adventure. Lots of great books mentioned here.  
1 month ago
It's beautiful!
Ya'll are going to have a great time watching the land.
1 month ago
My goodness. What an adventure! If we lived closer I could be there probably. Maybe Sunday? We are in western NC. Just outside of hot springs, right on the tennessee border.
I have an fj cruiser. It never been stuck, we tow neighbors sometimes when the mud and snow is thick.
Yahll might be about 2 hrs from us.

Please keep us posted.
1 month ago
Walking onions grew great for us in Phoenix. They should do good in your area.  Basil lived for years. kale and swiss chard also lived for us a couple of years. You might try those.

Are you able to plant strawberries or small berry bushes?
2 months ago
Congratulations. Your farm sounds amazing. Hope y’all get a place with unfrozen water.
Happy growing. :)
2 months ago
Hi there,
This is a great thread!
We live in an area that is populated. It's so beautiful and very rural. We live next to several national forests. Pisgah national forest near the Tennesse and North Carolina borders.

Bears that cause problems in the city are dropped off just up the road. So are rattle snakes. You see them on neighbor's game cameras with tags in the ear (the bears of course

Dogs, I highly recommend dogs. Good dogs. Our compost pile is right next to house. Like 10ft away. I think that has helped us. There is much activity around our home now. We have a 10year old, 4 dogs, chickens/goats. The chicken and goats are in electric fence. The dogs are Pyrenees. Daughter always has at least one dog when she goes outdoor to play.

We had so many critters living with us when we moved in as the house was vacant for years. Skunks lived in our basement?? The skunks moved out, but still stop by to say hello.

When you move into your new home. Get a feel of the land. See how the animal move through. We have lots of game trails in our woods. We are mindful when hiking them.
Best of luck.
3 months ago
Hi Joel, what specie is the field grass?
I have not kept sheep. With our goats a blend if always better for the soil and the animal's health.
Knowing the specie of the grass will help to research the nutritional content.
3 months ago
So much good info! We have 6 lovely does. 3 are kids.

We just watched a webinar last night on pasture management for goats.

For pasture health, they recommended 75% winter forage and 25% summer. That's probably because there is so much summer growth so a smaller are is needed.
She recommended mixing in clover, especially white clover since it can handle intense grazing. Growing a blend of at least 25% white clover increased the crude protein in the pasture by 20%-30% when compared to fertilizing with nitrogen. She said red clover tends to get browsed out.

Turnips and radishes are great cool forage, however they are low in fiber.
Her goats didn't like the Sunn Hemp.

This webinar ws offered through local extension office. Check with your local office. They have likley done trial growings to determine what grows best in our area for the health of the goats and soil.