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Of course. :)
Happy growing.
1 week ago
Good day Eli,
Rotating crops keeps some insect populations down and nutrients being replenished in the soil.

If it were me, I'd rotate the crop and if space allows, grow a cover crop in the off season. or grow one cover crop and rotate the beds. The beans will likely fix some nitrogen in the soil, just depends on their specific type of bean being grown.

Please keep us posted.
2 weeks ago
This is really interesting...thus you get an apple

Thanks, please keep us posted.
2 weeks ago
Coconut and mango trees to mulch That sounds delicious!

It's best to keep mulch off the truck of trees. Like you said apply mulch to the drip line of the tree. We mulch our trees about 4-6" from the trunk, then spread the mulch thickly outward.

Happy growing
2 weeks ago
Hi Susan, We have experimented with this some and had some success for a community garden. However we must be mindful that if the tree dies...what do you tell the sponsor?
It'd good to have a clear idea of what the expected goals are.

Does the community garden need financial assistance with purchasing plants? Do you want to be able to show sponsors the plants/gardens?

it might be worth considering requesting potential donors to sponsor a garden plot/area. the garden could still post a thank you sign. Or tag the donor in social media posts to say thanks.

We decided on garden areas and requested gift cards to local nurseries. There are so many options.

Hopefully more peoples will offer additional insights.
2 weeks ago
Hi there, same here. The link took me to PayPal so I closed it.

It is an intriguing thing to offer quality content that’s also offers mutual benefits for the presenter and presentee.

Please keep us posted.
With gratitude
That's awesome! The road is long and sometimes filled with pot holes, but we must go on.

Thanks for sharing.
2 months ago