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Recent posts by Artie Scott

Just cut my Christmas tree out in the woods. No, not a Douglas Fir or Scotch Pine, this one is even better.

It was free!  I did no work whatsoever! I didn’t plant it, didn’t water it, and didn’t have to pay $50 for it!  

Sure, some might think it is homely, even a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. But I love it!  And it was fun tromping around and picking it out and cutting it.
1 hour ago
What a lucky bunch of Permies!  

I was lucky enough to enjoy this sunset. Believe it or not, this is the sky to the North rather than the West - was quite striking that particular Summer evening.
1 day ago
We are lucky indeed, Thomas!
1 day ago
Your sunset looks like this!
1 day ago
Hang in there Travis, you can shake it off.
2 days ago
Wow, nice work Johnny!  Thanks for the updates - love seeing a project take shape over time, especially a big one like this!  Will definitely try to catch the videos as well. I hope you keep the updates coming!
3 days ago
Congratulations, Toby, and welcome aboard!
4 days ago
Anyone have thoughts/experience on best uses for wood/paper ash?  A couple of questions have arisen in my mind on this topic:

Is it better to add ash directly to the soil, as in top dressing, or better to add to compost pile?

Does the ash likely contain any toxic gick?  For example, if I burn the junk mail which includes glossy paper and catalogs and such, does the ash still contain residues, or is it ok to use in compost?

If I recall, ash tends to neutralize acidic soils - so presumably too much would not be a good thing. Is that true?

Thanks in advance for any input/feedback!
4 days ago
Mick, that was my initial thought as well - hate to punch a hole in a perfectly good roof (unless it is leaky anyway, which might be the case in a dark old shed).  I suppose you could tack/roofers adhesive a plastic cover over it, say the bottom of a 2 liter bottle turned upside down?
4 days ago