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Recent posts by Artie Scott

“I just fell off the counter trying to take a picture of my butt.”  Overheard phone conversation on speaker
18 hours ago
A fine misty sunrise. Hope you have a great day!
1 day ago
Hi Kris,

Have you been there physically, or just looking at pictures?  Just wondering what the topography is like - whether the slope is toward or away from the house. There are some topography resources at USGS if you want to see a topographic map.  
1 day ago
If you need one last calculus class in your last semester of college in order to graduate and start your dream job, you should probably go to at least some of the classes and not forget about it altogether until the morning of the final.
1 day ago
So here is a question I have pondered for a while now.

Knowing how expensive it is to service my tractor, and how much fluid (motor and hydraulic oil) is involved (and needs disposal) when hourly limits are reached, is it worth the hours and wear and tear on the tractor, which is useful in an infinite variety of other tasks around the homestead, to run a pto driven chipper?  

Would a self- contained chipper i.e., a chipper with its own motor, be a better option vice putting the hours on the tractor?

Granted, a self contained unit means yet another engine to maintain and repair. I suppose a key factor is how much you think you will use the chipper - the occasional downed tree is one thing, clearing a section of land with a lot of brush and small trees another.  Let’s assume 8 hours per month.

What do folks think?
3 days ago
Small round buttons!
4 days ago
If you dream you are kissing a dog, and you sleep with a dog...wake up!
4 days ago
Those look good!  How did you dry them/what did you use?
5 days ago
Still sprouting mushrooms!
5 days ago