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Recent posts by Artie Scott

I might layer that clay in the log layers, and mix it with the manure and some compost for the top layer. That will jump start the transformation of the clay to soil.

Agree there is a risk that it dries out and becomes a clay helmet if just that clay on top.
3 days ago
Nikki, I have plenty of pods, pm me an address you want them sent to and I will try to pick some and get them mailed out in the next week or two. Might have been better in November, but hopefully they are still good.
4 days ago
You are right, Chloe, those UTVs are definitely spendy - can approach the price of a car at $18,000!

An ATV is significantly less expensive -say $7k for a Honda Rancher or equivalent. It will go anywhere, but not as convenient for two people to go together. But, can tow a trailer or mower easily enough.

Even an ATV will create some ruts if driven in wet conditions, but it is definitely correlated to weight - the heavier the vehicle the deeper the ruts.

My guess is you will end up with more than one - but do you start with the ATV and wait on the UTV?  I did the ATV first, and haven’t found a need for the more expensive option (tho it would be nice to have heat and A/C at times!)
5 days ago
I agree with Judith that the word has little value other than as a poor stereotype. In my mind at least, it implies physical impairment - frailty, lack of mobility, poor health.

When someone refers to their elderly father, these are the images it conjures.

I don’t imagine a robust 85 year old still kayaking and hiking and playing pickle ball (my Uncle) or an 82 year old walking 10,000 steps per day (my Dad). So for those reasons, I don’t like associating it with an age, or really using it at all.

We have many words to use to describe someone; elderly, if linked to someone by age alone, seems to lack precision.
1 week ago
Love the idea Alex - hope you share the pictures when done!

What if you kept the tension off the gate posts?  Brace the fence itself, then sink the gate posts for the gate and build the gate. You could use wood or poles to close the gap.
2 weeks ago
Very well said, R.

If only more executives would read and heed, the world would be a better place.

And if only more of us consumers would reward quality and fairness, and not reward the race to the bottom that squeezes the humanity out of everyone in the name of lowest possible price, the world would be a fabulous place.

As a former boss once said, you get what you incent.
3 weeks ago
Here is a picture of the setup.

I was thinking more about what you said Lorinne. There is a metal t-post that I used to anchor one of the corner posts - I wonder if he could have climbed that to get over the fence?  

There is about a foot gap tho per the second picture - hard to believe he would have jumped that gap and dropped into the pen from four feet high.  
3 weeks ago
Ben, I do have an outside dog (sorta) who prefers to sleep outside, but have been closing him up in the barn over nite as winter set in.  May need to rethink that....

Marco, I like that thought - the best defense is a good offense. I may try the trap route. I may also set up a game cam on the coop area to monitor what is prowling about under cover of darkness.

Lorinne, that’s the most worrisome part, and I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. The possum squeezed right through one of the little squares to escape!  The fence was energized -it zapped me when I touched it.

And William, yes, an automatic door would be very helpful!
3 weeks ago
Some other things to consider include how hard will it be to set fence posts, dig a foundation, get the land to perc if you need a septic field, etc...

3 weeks ago
So tonite, when I went out to close up the chickens after dark, imagine my surprise when I found a possum inside  the perimeter fence around their coop, which is an electric net fence.

I had been feeling fairly smug up to this point, having lost no chickens since first getting them in May.

But not any more. And of course now am wondering what to do about it, seeing that the possum not only got in through the electric netting, but also out through the netting to escape my deadly wrath.  If a possum can do it, so can a raccoon or a mink or anything else that loves the taste of fresh chicken.  

Any suggestions?  I don’t think he could have gotten in the coop if the door was closed - it was just darn lucky  timing that I walked out to close them in when I did, just 45 minutes after sunset.

Any suggestions?

3 weeks ago