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since Dec 12, 2018
Commercial grain farmer seeking a better way.
Eastern Washington
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Recent posts by Grady Houger

That's quite the challenge.
So what plants grow well natively there?
3 months ago
I hear that goats eat it.
4 months ago
Good luck. Site founder Paul Wheaton has a bunch of podcasts about the nuts and bolts of starting and maintaining an intentional community.
6 months ago
The other greenhouse coverings are glass, or the transparent polycarbonate roofing panels. Both would require building a different structure than hoops. A glass house made of old single pane windows is a classic way to recycle if one can get a barn full of old windows someone saved.
6 months ago
I agree with Eliot about using a bolt through hinge pin instead of a lag. Makes it possible to adjust the gate as the structure shifts and settles.
6 months ago
I wonder how its harvested in south america. They would be be the experts in small acreage quinoa production.

I saw a quinoa field trial last year done by a seed company here in eastern washington. They were finding threre's zillion strains of quinoa with different growth characteristics. They were searching for one that germinates well, is bushy enough to outcompete other plants, doesn't get too tall so it can be ran through a standard combine harvester, and matures before frost.
There should be a variety that works well with garden techniques.
This idea of using old fridges as building materials is a great idea! I've been wishing for a way to make a frost free water point for winder livestock areas, Having the plumbing come up into a insulated fridge box might work well.
Make a little solar air heater "hat" for the fridge, to keep some internal mass warm enough.
8 months ago
I figure my cellphone and computer keyboard are a part of my personal biome. It is good to remember how filthy they are. But I don't worry about it since I don't share them with strangers.
Public keyboards and touchscreens are something to watch out for.
8 months ago
Welcome to the channeled scablands! That's a great photo, I'll be interested to hear how your growing goes in this sort of soil.
8 months ago
Find an attorney or two in that state who can advise you as to how the laws work there, and if there happens to be any legal reason you couldn't visit every nursing home in the city...
8 months ago