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Recent posts by teri morgan

:)  thank you very much

Mike Barkley wrote:

There are two donkeys in my life. They both guard cows & one is too old to be a pack animal. One of these days though .... going to get one to haul things & carry my old bones around. There's off grid & there's waaaay off grid. Let's go visit Sasquatch!!!


i already have some bread making...and i have given up....OOOPPPSSS....FREED MYSELF FROM....many of the things already on your list...tv...dryer...and a few others...i too removed, gave up, freed myself from, many of my large furniture pieces when i moved here...i didn't bring my chickens here either...i do want them again someday...just not right now...

artificial light...i think might be easy enough...cause we pretty much do that any way...that might be a possibility...now that gives me two...store bought bread and artificial lighting...have already changed to led...hmmmm...we have a lot of lanterns...that could be done :)
1 year ago
imagine that...LOL...well..if im being restricted and censored...then...im gonna make mr gir bot very busy...probably might as well kick me off now..cause that really rubs me wrong...

when i make a statement about giving up...and am told by a responder that they don't use the word...give up...they use the word 'freed from'

and i reply that it dont matter which way you say it...cause you are free to do so with a smiley face :)  

and ole mr. bot gets all p**** about it...

whew....i dunno...bout all that...

cant figure out what made me get botted...its really not a good thing to tell me to change the way i talk...and not expect somethin back...unless im talking bad...

well...anyone else get botted??? :) :)
hey myrth...how do you start that starter?
1 year ago
HEY!!! WE CLEANED OUR SHOP!!! it took us lots longer than an hour...took us longer than 1 day actually, and more than my two hands did the work...but, cowboy and i got er done...almost...we still need to install a wood heater in the corner and redo the swinging doors...but...the shop itself looks pretty darn good if i say so myself...and i didn't mind taking the pictures...cause it'll probably never be cleaner than this!
1 year ago
really REALLY LOVE ALL YALL...YA MAKE ME SMILE...EVERY DAY!!! feel so blessed this sunday morn!!! :)
1 year ago
dale hodgins


my cowboy lived like you are living...and every time it gets hot in the kitchen around here...he takes to the mountains afoot...LOL...that is why we built him a cowboy cave...so he would stop running away from me...LOL....LOVE MY COWBOY!!! :)
1 year ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:I don't like the idea of "giving up" things, so I'm thinking of it as "freeing" myself from things I no longer need or want.  My big goal this year is to clear out a lot of stuff I had hoarded, and give it to people who can use it. My craft room/guest room is so jammed with stuff I can't even use it to craft in and if we needed to put up a guest it would be hopeless!

thank you
1 year ago

wayne fajkus wrote:This year i committed to making bread vs buying bread. Its been easier than i thought it would be. Like a 5 min a day thing.

now THAT i can do!!!...actually, we were just discussing how good homemade bread would be!!!....kkkk...wanna share a recipe or two :)
1 year ago