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Recent posts by Geoff Rich

WE could use some support with some of our logistical challenges. For example:

1. We have some down time in Newport, Oregon, and Paul wants to gaze at the Ocean. We are looking for a safe, cheap, legal place to park the Land Whale while we overnight there.

2. In San Francisco, California, Paul has his heart set on gazing at the Palace of Fine Arts (one of the most beautiful things ever created out of concrete). I have my heart set on NOT driving the Land Whale in San Francisco. I would like to find a safe, legal and cheap place to dock the Land Whale more or less outside of the City and then take public transportation to the POFA and back. If someone were willing to get us parked and drive us there and back, that would be very cool, but it will be on September 3, Labor Day, and who knows what will be going on in people's lives. [Yeah, I'm gonna check the MUNI holiday schedules--thanks for thinking of us!]

There will doubtless be other conundrums, problems, opportunities, mysteries, snafus, etc. that we will be dealing with while keeping Paul's Tour on the road. Keep checking back on this thread--YOU my be the answer to what we need!

Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes for a safe journey!

During the latter part of August and early September, Paul will be
touring the Western United States (WA,OR, CA, AZ, UT, ID) giving
talks on permaculture and related topics! He may be coming to a town near

Such a tour needs a name so we are holding a contest to name the
tour. The person submitting the best name will receive as a prize a
PERMIES T-shirt (stylish!) and a PERMIES coffee mug.

Submit your name by posting to this thread by July 1, 2012.

The CONTEST winner will be notified by July 4. Stay tuned as details of the tour are finalized
and made public!

[All decisions by the judges will be final and all submittals will be deemed licensed for use on, and for publicizing
the tour by Paul Wheaton and]

paul wheaton wrote:
The city of missoula is riddled with sugar maples.

Most of the trees that line the streets, particularly in the U District, are almost always called "Norway Maples." Is that the same as a sugar maple, because if it is, next year I am going for syrup when the sap rises in the spring.
13 years ago
One Thousand New Gardens

This group encourages converting (back)yards to gardens and aims to help start 1000 new gardens in Missoula over the next five years.  We do this by helping gardeners get started and by providing connections, information and support. We don't want to do what others do better but are willing to partner with others whose aim is the same as ours.  We support healthy gardening practices but are not ideologically pure. The path is long and we want everyone to start the journey where they are and arrive alive and unbloodied.
14 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:
Is there a list of what booths there were last year?

I can't say for sure. Lisa Hensley is  the head wrangler on the deal.  call the MFCU switchboard at 523-3300 and see if she can answer your question.
14 years ago

Destini Vaile wrote:
That's an interesting point, Greg. Do you know what level of LEED certification? Are there other buildings in town that are certified?

The MFCU branch building on Russell is the only Platinum level LEED certified building in Missoula, I believe.  They pioneered a lot of green building techniques and practices in the region including using the highest level of fly ash use in the concrete that was used and TONS and TONS of recycled glass, bamboo, etc.
14 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:
Is there a web page for this?

How many people go to this sort of thing?  Will it be packed?  Is it just booths?

This event is part of the MFCU Annual Membership Meeting.  In other words, MFCU supports all things green so what better way to help their members be green than by bringing together the folks who do green best?  It is easy to become an MFCU member.  To join, you simply have to be a resident of Missoula, Ravalli or Lake County and put $5 on deposit. 

In the past, the event attracts probably several hundreds who pass through over four hours and it is primarily booths (tables) where people can display wares or services.  It is really very interesting.
14 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:
When I moved away from missoula, I switched banks.  I am now hooked on the US bank bill pay stuff.  How does the bill pay stuff look at MFCU?

Here's the main difference: You are not a customer at MFCU, you are a member. In other words, you join a cooperative of other people from Missoula, Ravalli and Lake Counties who have joined together to provide financial services to one another.  In many service related ways, it seems like a bank.  On-line bill-pay--you bet, along with on-line statements and a host of other paperless ways of doing things.  Checking accounts are called "Share drafts" but it is essentially the same thing.  Savings accounts are called "share accounts," but they pay interest. Need a safety deposit box?  They have those, too. Savings insured by the federal government's credit union overseers just like bank deposits.  MFCU has credit and debit cards (their debit card is part of the nationwide Co-op Network which means when you travel, there is no fee at Co-op Network ATMs. Last year when I was in Chicago, there were 14 Co-op Network ATM's within three blocks of my hotel! Before you travel, look up where the ATM's are and take a map with you!). There are mortgages, auto/RV/boat loans, commercial loans, and other financial services.  I can't say that members NEVER have problems, but MFCU staff will always go the extra mile to try to fix what isn't right.

This sort of is a commercial because I was on the MFCU Board for ten years and I'm on the MFCU Supervisory Committee currently.
14 years ago

Destini wrote:
Is this an option you've heard other people express interest in?

I can't remember how this idea first occurred to me.  Most people I share it with think it's an idea that makes sense, though.  We already have a set of by-laws and structure we can use from the Missoula Farmers Market and the Riverfront Market.  The Health Department already has a set of regulations in place for food safety.  Once the spot is figured out, not much has to be invented--just a committed board and a person to serve as Market Master. A person won't get rich being Market Master, but for a retired person or someone who was willing to take on seasonal part-time work it could be a great job!
14 years ago