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Wow, 803 views and no replies?! How are you and where did you end up living? Maybe you'd consider updating your post?
6 days ago

Nikki Corey wrote:As an update... I did go ahead and order this. I haven’t set it up (because we are moving), but all the parts came and look good and the customer service is very good. So... not a scam!

Nikki, which pump specifically did you order?  The discussion is about both Flojak and EZ Well pumps.  Which one did you get?
3 weeks ago
Need a backup way to obtain water from 180 ft deep well when power goes out.  What are others doing other than generators?  I don't want to store gasoline nor have a machine that needs servicing and is expensive to buy and noisy.
3 weeks ago
Maybe the Back to Reality experiment didn't work because of the variety of tomato used.  It may have been too juicy or too ripe or not firm enough to begin with.  Also putting the stem down might have had a different result like someone else stated.  
I think putting peppers in the same box was not a good idea as they deteriorate differently than tomatoes and maybe their moisture was enough to wet the ash enough and to cause a rapid change in pH which reacted with the food?  
3 weeks ago
Ok all you miso making experts, here's my question:  Is it possible to use a little bit of ready-made (commercial) chickpea miso to innoculate a fresh batch of well cooked chickpeas - like a starter culture?  I'm hoping for a shortcut.  Thanks.
1 month ago
Mr Paul Wheaton, sir, I thank you for reading about my issue, but I think I need to clarify what is happening.  For some reason I have two similar but different emails in the system because I am getting duplicate Dailyish messages from you.  One goes to one address and the other to the other address.  Sometimes the Permies system "recognizes me" and has let me in, and sometimes it does not let me in.  So I have no idea what is the thing to do and which e-mail is going to be recognized..  I need an expert from within Permies to help straighten this out.  It's beyond me at this point and I need technical help.  Also, I do not understand what you mean by this comment : "Since this is more about our freebie system than about this particular book, I am going to split out our discussion ...."  What does "split out our discussion" mean?  What are you saying I should do about this situation?  Thank you and have a sunny day.
I cannot figure out why when I get my Dailyish news and the link is sent for a freebie the page I am taken to says 'this page is only for the person with  ________ email (which is my correct e-mail).  So what is the problem???What is going on and why can't I get the freebie?  I tried logging out and logging in again, and figured out how to get to this page but there's no free download button.  Please can someone help unravel this as it's been going on for several weeks and I'm stuck.  Thank you

Dan Allen wrote:I grow it and use it as a rice substitute. I nixtamalize with wood ash and rinse, then use as Cooked rice, or Masa substitute. Can be mixed with corn Masa as well. More antioxidants than blueberries! The nixtamalization neutralizes antinutrients and increases the nutrient profile, as well destroys fungal pathogens, aflatoxins.

Hi Dan, Please elaborate on what is nixtamalize?  Are there step by step instructions somewhere on this process?  Thank you.
2 months ago
Hello Dan, I'm curious about the process you call "nixtalize" or something close to that.  Would you please explain what that's all about and how to do it?  Do you get a final product that works like masa without using the masa/corn flour?
2 months ago
Thank you Anne, John and Jordan, Using your suggestions I was able to find the zoom feature on firefox and also adjust some settings on my preferences in Permies.  Ahh, relief for the eyes. Thank you!