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Fred Frank V Bur

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You sound amazing, and I will hope for some communication with you anyway starting with purple moosages, that I can initiate.
Jesse, I like what you write, and certainly I am interested. I believe in growing all the vegetation possible for what is needed, so I would practice simple natural farming, as in the One Straw Revolution, to live in simple ways for sustainability I think is of value, and an Eco community is desirable for this. I have further ideas for it but am limited from it unless I find the right community for it. I can be reached here, I hope for the communication, and this works.
2 weeks ago

Angelika Maier wrote:I believe that the total amount of calories is not of a great importance. The important thing are nutrients. While it is rather easy to grow starches, high valid proteins is a bit more complicated and if you want to grow high valuable fat you need to kill animals even if you don't like it. But it is very valuable to get self sufficient or more self sufficient because of the Great Reset planned.

I don't like killing animals, any more than others. But I know I can grow things for all I need, including beans and other legumes, and nuts and seeds, and corn and other grains, with other vegetables and fruits. And I know of great meals to make from using the food from this.
I know I have plenty of nonnegotiable things, these come to mind in no meaningful order. I will be trying simple and sustainable things for anything all the time. I will grow things for food, and other needs. I will make and cook routine things. I won't use animal products. I won't use mushrooms. I will walk around barefoot. When it would be hot I will want places to stay nude. I will still bundle up when it would be cold. I will reserve time to myself to write. And I will read, for myself or to another. I will probably still reserve time for online communication, where it would be possible, if it will be, but I think I will come to a stop with that. I will talk about certain subjects probably a great deal. I will regularly have a hot drink, as green tea, or a coffee, depending what I have available to have with that.
1 month ago
I will try again, as this looks interesting enough for what I look for, for being in communication for inclusion. I want to grow things using simple horticulture for a very sustainable way having enough for subsistence, and living in simplicity. And I want there to be encouragement to others for that. More coming to this can really help in this world. As I would use the most simplicity not needing things more, settling with camping at a site would be fine with me. If there can be discussion of building a simple structure for living in, I would like that still. I guess I can leave here that I can be contacted by email too, being addressed to vegrox at
2 months ago