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Recent posts by ray Bunbury

reporting oddness I found.

window 10 fire foxy

number looks squished against text.  I made picture.  
My friend kid love this elf.

Me? I got scared by "he see you when you sleeping" song.  Elf. no thanks.  this shows my feelings best

1 month ago
Trying to do yoga at home
it's difficult

not actually me.  But close

I don't have Eastern accent
2 months ago
"are you truely Canadian if you or your loved one hasn't been bitten by a goose?"
2 months ago
"I've got to get to that cockerel before all hell breaks loose"
2 months ago
Fun game.
No conversation, just quote.
Funniest thing you heard out of context.  

Example: "I'm sure I sneezed 8 times in a row and I ain't never had an orgasm" - said by hen party (UK for stagette party) dressed like bunnies
2 months ago
grandmother wore corset.  She said comfortable and best for active living.  Farm grandmother always doing active things like wrangle pigs when escape.

Fun video with "myth" and historical mythbusting.

Maybe myth come from improper wearing?
no under chemise
poor fitting corset
tight lace - corset for my grandmother should have gap in back and made for support, not shape.
2 months ago
thank you for kind wrods

new dentist cost less than 1999 dentist did. They found insurance that I didn't know I had, so helps.

But weird thing - no pain in mouth.  Never had this since braces as a kid.

old thing - go to dentist = teeth hurt more.
new thing - go to dentist - teeth not hurt.  <--- this is new for me.

only few dentist in town that focus on nervious patient.  this one had best price and not put you on show in window.  
3 months ago