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Recent posts by J Webb

I planted my first maypop in the spring and it fruited a couple of months ago. There's five berries on the vine presently- no wrinkles or dents yet, not much yellowing to them either. We've got some colder weather coming up (frosts and below-freezing temps) and I am wondering whether these fruit can be picked to finish ripening inside; or what else I should do. Thanks!
1 year ago
Some people have mentioned some decentralized services like diaspora*  and Minds. I've looked at diaspora* in the past as well as another decentralized service called Mastodon. I think decentralization is a critical component for next-generation services (currency & communication). To that end I would also suggest having a look at what Tim Berners-Lee is currently up to with development company Inrupt Inc. & the framework for decentralized web applications they call SOLID. Right now they are targeting "the highly technical".

- https://solid.mit.edu/
- https://solid.inrupt.com/

Re: Drupal 8 features, I would also note that Drupal has some excellent caching mechanisms which work well when paired with reverse-proxy caching and/or CDNs (essential for scalability).
Update on some of these resources:
- https://www.prairiemoon.com/allium-tricoccum-wild-leek-prairie-moon-nursery.html (new url)
- rampfarm.com is closed (well looks like you can buy the entire business!)
- oikos doesn't seem to carry them presently (Oct 2019)

Notable info: Accd to prairie moon - 5-7 years from seed to harvest!
This week I added two Paw Paw trees to our property. I purchased a "Mango" and a "Shenandoah" cultivar from Logee's. They arrived in good condition.

My understanding is that the young trees prefer a bit of shade, so I placed them in the shade of the Norway Maple which dominates our small yard. The ground is mostly clay which I amended with some potting soil, pearlite, & vermiculite.

Does anyone else have these varieties of Paw Paw? I'd love to hear how they are working out for you!

1 year ago
Welcome Michael! I tried several varieties of Annonaceae this year for the first time, and am super excited that there's a species in this family which may survive in my climate. In fact this week I'm planting a couple of grafted Paw Paw in my yard (I'll post pics & commentary on those in a new thread).
1 year ago
Welcome Jasmine! I love the workbook idea; seems very practical. I will definitely check out your book!
1 year ago
I’m pretty new to permaculture design. I’ve read Gaia’s Garden and participated in a workshop with David Jacke, so I feel at least somewhat familiar with elements of the design process. One aspect I am curious about is how to best anticipate the effect of climate change through successive phases of the design.

Things which spring to mind:
- changes to rainfall
- change in sea level
- more or fewer chill hours
- altered length of growing season
- affect of temperature change on local plant/animal species

Are there reliable patterns for creating & maintaining “microclimates”? Are people experimenting with adding plants from beyond their zone for redundancy? Are their other techniques to manage risk due to climate change?

1 year ago
I am interested in adding daylily to my forest garden, and was wondering if there are species & varieties selected for improved edibility.

I am also looking for a reputable nursery/permie to source daylily from (I know they grow all over the US, but I'm not 100% sure how to identify).
1 year ago
I recently picked up a scythe outfit from Scythe Supply to tackle my yard when the height of the grass gets above what my reel mower can handle. Totally new to the instrument. I have a small urban lawn with a funky shape, some areas are narrower than the snath is long. Some areas are bounded by foundation on one side. In the wide-open spaces I feel I've got decent feel for the correct motion. In the narrow spaces I'm unsure what the best motion is. Do you just narrow the arc of the swath equally from the left and from the right? Some other motion? I'd love to hear the tips you have!
1 year ago