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Recent posts by Lucas Green

Strawberries are too delicate to sell wholesale bareroot unless its an established local nursery. Thats at least my opinion on why it may be hard to find. Strawberries are grown in pretty horrific ways commercially and you may want a different cultivar than what is readily available anyhow.
4 years ago
craigslist is a reasonable alternative, the biggest "alternative" is just to not use it. It requires you to give up that segment demand.
It could be black rot, and because it is at the trunk this could be pretty tough to help treat. I would try to match more symptoms of black rot, and then apply a fungicide like liquid copper.
4 years ago
No, they will keep the same.

A hen typically gathers a clutch of eggs before she starts sitting, this can take like 2 weeks. If you eat em in 2 weeks I wouldn't refrigerate.
4 years ago

Ryan McGurl wrote:Have you looked into khaki Campbell ducks? Supposedly they don’t need swimming water.

We haven’t started with ducks yet, but local farmers have recommended cement mixing trays. Sturdier, longer-lasting than a pool, and easier to clean.

This isn't really true. Khaki Campbells are a bit more petite but need access to open water as all ducks do. Ducks need water for a couple of reasons:

1. Bathe instead of dust like chickens, ducks will typically bathe daily with the correct water access. Ducks use water to preen essentially.
2. Their bills are specialized for aquatic environments and they need to be able to cleanse them with lots of water.
4 years ago
I guess my main concern around horns is stabbing, eg losing an eye or stabbing a goat causing a wound. My tentative plan around this is to put something on the end of each horn.

Its also just really good to see there are keepers of fully horned herds out there, confirms what I suspect which is it is entirely possible without incident.
4 years ago
I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experiences raising dairy or even meat goats with horns. In the next year, I am going to start a herd of dairy goats if and only if I can find practical ways to keep them without disbudding. I am not really interested in debating disbudding, I don't object if you do it - I just am not interested in raising goats in that condition.

From my perspective having been around goats a lot of my life, the proper fencing should solve the majority of issues with a horned goat. I am just trying to understand additional precautions or plans I can make to see if I can make a horned herd work as well as a disbudded one.

4 years ago
Is anyone spinning much of their own yarn and if so does anyone have recommendations? Seems like there is one brand common in the US.
4 years ago