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Recent posts by Chris Watkins

Thanks for the feedback, Matt.

I can see why you had that experience. The ways to communicate in MediaWiki are too high a barrier, and we could definitely create easier ways.
6 years ago
If you search for how to measure stream flow or conventional farming on Google, when it pops up the definition box, that now comes from Appropedia. Which is really cool... except that our conventional farming article really needs work.
8 years ago
I just want to report that this has gone pretty well... not sure if there is still work to be done on this, or if all is salvaged, but a bunch of pages have been rescued and are now among Appropedia's permaculture pages. (Though whether they've all had that category tag added is another matter.)

Hat tip to our new(ish) admin Ethan who has done much of this. And anyone else who has contributed that I'm overlooking (sorry!). (I've been working on other things to help the site motor along, so I haven't been involved with this rescue.)

I think Ethan might have come to the project through the Permies form, so much love and appreciation for that.

8 years ago
Sorry to hear , and hope you're well soon!

All I have to add to the suggestions, which may have been said or may be irrelevant, is this... and please note, I'm not a medical expert, and I've only used this on much more minor things with a pain level around 4 ("My pain is not fucking around") or 5 at most:

When there are muscle spasms, we often think we should stretch them out. Avoid this as it can make things worse, but tensing the muscles (for 30 seconds) then relaxing can be helpful for spasms. But ignore that if it contradicts an expert's advice.
8 years ago
Okay, instructions:

1. Start at (most recent non-spam homepage)
2. Navigate through the site to find pages that haven't been transferred yet.
3. Use the blue arrows at the top to go foward and back and find the latest non-spammy version of each page.
4. Copy the text to Appropedia
5. If you want to convert formatted text to "wiki markup", copy first to our "Wikedbox" then press the [w] button around the middle of the toolbar.
6. Need to know how to make a new page? See
7. When you're done, add the title to the bottom of our PiratePad. (No login required.)

9 years ago
Dave, newbies are very welcome! I'm happy to lend a hand.

One thing to note: When adding one of these old pages, make a note in the "Summary" field. (That's under the big edit box.) Something like:
from the old wiki

On this document, we can list pages that have been moved to Appropedia, to keep track. Is that clear, or should I add the instructions here?
9 years ago
Hey permies.

In brief: We tried to merge into, but it was impossible. However, we can recover some of the pages from If you want to help, please let me know.

You may remember a few years back there was a permaculture wiki at It lived, it died, it lived again, it died again. Eventually we managed to get agreement to import the old wiki into (the sustainability wiki). . But the database was corrupted. And after spending a lot of time & effort, including having two developers examine it, and all the time that takes when you're a tiny nonprofit with little, it was unrecoverable, and there were apparently no backups.

But there is good news – some pages are preserved on With a small coordinated effort we can import all of those to Appropedia. I'm a bit stretched at the moment, but if someone's keen to help, we could divide up the work and get it done. (When we do the moves, I suggest using an edit summary of "from" to acknowledge the good work that went before.) Please let me know.

Oh, and an important message about Appropedia: We're all about the wiki, and we have regular backups made, so we should be pretty safe. (We're also supposed to have a publicly available weekly backup of all text, for extra resilience – right now we're working on getting that happening again.)
9 years ago
An article on Sustainable Fisheries would be awesome.

Actually, there could be lots of articles about sustainable fisheries - all different aspects. But one short article to start would be awesome.
Could someone who understands such things please review Habitat manipulation (biodynamic_agriculture)?

Let me know of it's good or crap - and if it's crap, whether it's fixable.

("I fixed it" is a particularly nice response, but all responses welcome .)
10 years ago
Thanks Wayne! There's a friendly community, too, helpful admins and regular users.

(I'm happy to answer questions here in the Appropedia forum, too - I just found the "watch forum" button at the bottom, so hopefully that will work.)
10 years ago