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This is my first Lovely reason why I live in the California Hi Desert.  Its still 90 here. Lived here 15 years now and winter starts on Thanksgiving.  Every single year....cold on Thanksgiving.  I absolutely love the weather here. I can plant from April and reap to Thanksgiving. We do get snow, I am at 3400', but its gone in a few days and that is enough snow for me, usually only happens once a winter, sometimes we get 2', then its gone.  I love the sunny warm days thru winter, then the cold nights. Wimpy.....I DO NOT LIKE cold weather - LOL.  Lots of layers of clothes make me claustrophobic.  So my answer is.....with this weather where I live, I don't have to be ready and that is great.....no stress living.
3 months ago
Not really fond of plug electric kettles.  I have a cheap one that has lasted 10 years now that I use occasionally. A really good electric one, like the Zojirushi Hybrid, is going to set you back about $200.  Then what happens when the electricity goes out? No kettle.  I have the Silverfire Dragon Fire kettle. It heats up really fast (It has fins on the bottom) and it will work when the electricity is out. I then pour the water in my Airpot and it stays hot all day. I like that I can carry the Airpot with me to my different "little houses" I live in.  All my little houses are in a compound style, all functions different, one a bedroom, one a kitchen, etc.  So the Silverfire serves me well, even can take it outside when I am doing a long chore. I like that I can set in on the wood stove to heat it up. Sort of a old time feeling I like early in the morning. I can use it on the Rocket Stove if I want. I like things I can use multiple ways. Not fond of having to depend on electricity. One thing I especially like about the Dragon Fire is that it is 4 liters.  Its big enough that I can heat up a lot of water, once....instead of multiple times, or just a little water - I like choices. I can heat up water for a kitchen function and tea water, plus hot water for anything I might need - just once.  Sort of lazy that way, I don't have time to be repeating functions thru out the day.  Just once in the morning, water into one or more Airpots, and I am set till the next morning.
3 months ago
Hi Judith.  I have the Corona - it does an alright job on the soybeans - when I make Tempeh or milk, not to picky whether the soybeans crack in half or quarters.  It just takes soooo long to dehull or crack anything, then sort, etc..  Single woman farmer, already working 10-12 hours a day and I tend to not get to making tempeh or milk in summer - and end up buying Eden.  I did watch the Lehman video on modifying the Corona to crack better, I probably will give that a shot.  This last year I have been buying cracked chickpeas from Mantra, they are very small and are making nice Tempeh.  I use my chicken egg incubator and it works excellently. It surprises me that no one here in the U.S. has addressed this situation.....I would like to grow more grains than I do now but I need to find an easier way to thresh and winnow, or crack.  In the end, probably will end up in the goat pen for feed.

I've been experimenting with those tiny black soybeans and they seem to be a whole lot less bitter than the yellow and the skin comes off easier.

Rather perplexed as to why a company like Laura Soybeans doesn't sell split soybeans. Seems like there would be a pretty good market for it. Even for those not using them to make tempeh, still, cracked de-skinned soybeans would entice more people to make their own soy milk.

Thanks for giving feedback!
3 months ago
I have three different brands of grain mills - all expensive. None of them will crack soybeans or de-hull buckwheat reliably.  I make a lot of tempeh and soy milk products and so far haven't been impressed with trying to get these jobs done with the mills I have; which run the gamut from electric to manual.  I ran across an article where a guy uses the Country Living Manual Mill to de-hull buckwheat and wondered if any of you have used this mill for this purpose.  
3 months ago
I cook it in my Hot Logic. Both the small one ( a few days supply) or the casserole size. I just put the water, grits, slat, and a TBS of Nutiva Butter Flavor Coconut oil.  Cooks in a couple of hours. Eezy peezy.
3 months ago
@ John Dean.  You can't find them on Amazon anymore - they were pretty cheap before.  The only place you can find them now is on Ebay - 4 for $26.  But its one of those things I know you are familiar with, being a far urbanish person - and this goes under some of the stupid things I've done at times - thinking "oh, that is so much" then down the line having to spend a whole lot more to fix the situation I could have fixed a lot cheaper......if I hadn't been so cheap - LOL.  I am trying to get better at that - just biting the bullet, then I know I am covered. I tend to be rather bad about spending money on just me.  If its for a goat, a chicken, or a duck....I don't bat an eyelash....but buying something for me, and something I "might" use.....(laughs). So now I am trying to look at buying medical supplies as a "do I really want to wait 6 hours at a local hospital, waiting for someone to do something I can do myself" kind of thing?.  That makes it a little less of a guilt trip for me.

Yeah, I have a suture kit but what if something happens to my right hand and I need to sew it with my left (crosses eyes)?  I would look like Frankenstein by the time I got done.  The scuttlebutt is that the Zipstich works better than actual sutures - it leaves less of a scar.
4 months ago
Thought this might be the time to mention some things people like us should always keep on hand........zipstich bandaids. Hard to find right now with the COVID situation, but could save your life.  They are sutures that can take the place of having to go to the hospital.  Basically bandaid on both sides, with little screw compressions between the two sides of bandaid.  3M Vetbond or Dermabond - vets use it to close wounds. Disposable skin stapler.  Steristrips for small lacerations.  Samsplints and roller bandages (for bone breaks).  Israeli bandage - Compression bandages for major traumatic injury. Quikclot.  Fish Flox - this antibiotic is made for fish so no prescription necessary - it is made in the same factory as the prescription stuff.  Iodine. Eyecup and sterile wash.  
4 months ago
Picture this. I live in the desert. Getting ready to go rafting, the utility trailer is full. I had the trailer dolly still hooked up....Its 115 degrees and I am not a happy camper and I am tired from having to pack everything in one day, as well as get the farm ready for my leaving.  The truck is waiting for the hitch on the trailer.  I forget to jack down the wheel assembly on the hitch........I push on the dolly handle to release the hitch - The handle flies back and hits me square in the temple. I hear the "crack" of my head, then pass out.  Now I live very rural...it was the time before cell phones.  I wake up some time later, bleeding, and I know I am seriously hurt. And yeah, I have no phone, being deaf.  But I am not scared......as many who have read a lot of my posts.....I live my life, knowing something bigger than I am is the boss.  I am used to getting bailed out when doing something not quite smart.

I limped back into the house - just sat on the bed and did some Inner work. At this point, can't really see, and I have a really giant headache.  I just sat there for about 2 hours, doing the Inner work.  At some point, I just felt everything was going to be fine, and I laid down.  Three days later I was fine.  These things work out when you know who the real boss is.
4 months ago
75 now, female, single.  I am not anti-social in the least, I like people, I interact a lot when I do see them.  I have chosen to live alone ever since I had the choice (18).  I lived in the Unita Wilderness (Utah) for a long time when I was young. Back then, although it was not really legal, no one ever hassled you as long as you kept your site clean and paid the back country fees.  Just my dog and I and that was legal too.  At some point I decided to move back to California and I have a cabin in a rural part of the High Desert.  Since I've had this particular piece of property (2006), less than five people have ever stepped on this property, and only for a few hours at most.

I go to town when I absolutely have to - probably twice a month maximum, to shop and pick up mail/packages. I may talk to the cashiers, or someone standing in line. Doesn't always happen, but I will often make the effort to strike up a short conversation because people in general seem lonely, agitated, distressed or angry and I feel they could use a little pep talk, something to give them more of a proper perspective of what life CAN be like, if they'd just cease with the tunnel vision. I don't preach, just mention something that might make them smile or mull over.  If its really hot for instance, I might mention how Blessed we are that we aren't freezing to death in Minnesota right now.  It gets them talking a little, gets them out of their shell, even if for only a few minutes.  There is always something to be Grateful for, we might have to dig a little sometimes to find it, but it is always there to find if we care to stop feeling sorry for ourselves.

Why have I chosen this way of life?  Well, first of all, I am very spiritually oriented. I can honestly say I've never felt lonely, not in my whole life, even as a kid. When I was very young I began to notice that on the whole society in general takes a negative view of life.  A lot of people aren't happy people...a lot of people are always looking at the glass half empty instead of looking at it as half full and concentrating on filling it ALL full. I didn't find that negation productive. I felt they weren't adding to my life in any way, so why be around them?

Since the advent of the internet, I've talked to a lot of people. I might strike up a conversation on YouTube, mention something in the comments.  I don't really do this for me....it isn't something I need for me.....I do it when I see an Opportunity to talk about something, show a new way at looking at a particular situation.  Most times, it doesn't work, but I feel it my Responsibility to at least try. People seem lost, especially since the COVID situation.  They strike out at others because they lack any emotional stability on their own part. I wasn't taught how to be like this....it is just something I've always been.  

Those who would do well in this kind of living situation, those are the ones who feel comfortable in their own skin.  They look to themselves for answers; not others.  They feel confident in their abilities to tackle challenging situations....EVEN if they don't have the knowledge needed at the moment, they stay calm enough to wait, be Patient.....the answers always come if we care to approach this properly.  The more we do this, the more confident we become.  I can honestly say there isn't much I can't do here on this farm....there is always a way to get the job done.  I think people who might want to try this way of life need to be honest with themselves.....if they in any appreciable amount feel like they need others to make them whole, then this way isn't probably for them.  If you get scared easy, or are an anxious kind of personality, again...no.

I read a lot. Probably 4 books a week. But most of my time is spent in growing my food, taking care of maintenance, building something new.I cook all my food from scratch, so that takes a bit of time each day. Haven't had a TV in 25 years. I have chickens, ducks, goats, outside cats, a Pyrenees who is just as independent as me....she isn't an inside dog and when I go outside, she runs up, smiling and jumping, wants a pat or two and then departs.  She is perfect for me.....and I am perfect for her. She wouldn't take well to baby talk and hugging.

Knowledge and Wisdom come with the years passing by. Being Peaceful is more important to me than listening to constant chattering about things that I don't think matter, or are not my business to be talking about.

4 months ago
75, single woman farmer in the high desert of Cali.  Actually not much has changed for me - for the most part still doing all the things I've always done. But because there is just me here I no longer opt to pick up more than 50#'s and walk it somewhere. I now have a hay bale dolly and some wagons.  I try to be a little more conservative simply because I can't afford to take chances on getting hurt - who would take care of all this?  So, not quite as reckless as I was decades ago.  For instance, I got this little contraption that anchors my ladder that I use to get on the roof - it keeps the ladder from falling, either while I am on it, or while I am on the roof. Because I have so much here, over 50 fruit and nut trees alone......I took the time and dug them all up (they are dwarf) and put them in 5 gallon home made air pruned pots - they are all in one area now, instead of all spread out over hill and dale, and I pruned them into bushes which makes taking care of them and harvesting....a snap.

I spent some time over the last two years organizing things better - like things in like areas.  I was surprised how much it cut my time. I was working outside 10 hours a day, now its half that. I built a little house, put in a home made solar evaporative cooler - bought Hidden Harvest LED grow lights and now grow a lot of summer veggies inside - concentrating on micro dwarfs. Much more fun to grow, nice to work inside when its 110 outside.....they aren't as stressed and we are all happy as clams with this arrangement. They are happier, they are easier to take care of....and like wise provide me with more than enough summer produce.  Because the plants are smaller, I have more variety.

I also bought more tools.  Instead of a hand sheet-metal nibbler I bought a Makita that will cut any gauge I would be using.  Got me so inspired at the ease of use I am going to tackle re-roofing my cabin.  For me I have been looking at things to make life easier so that I don't have to work outside 10-12 hours a day. I now water by hand instead of using irrigation. I do it before sunrise, or just before sunset and its a nice time - just lazy time doing a chore - I've never had that before and quite frankly it seemed like I was fixing the irrigation lines somewhere or nother.....continuously. And my water bill shows it. No more broke lines that go unnoticed.

If something doesn't grow here in 2-3 years, I take it out. I use to fuss and fuss with something, sort of refusing to admit that for some reason the plant or tree wasn't happy. I took it as a personal slight - LOL.  I remember transplanting this one tree to different places about 5 times. Now that's silly! Now I just say okay and move on. I was spending a lot of time trying to save things that in the end did not prosper. Now, farming has become fun again.
5 months ago