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since Jul 01, 2018
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My current fever dream is to make an earthbag dome house somewhere in North Carolina which meets code (or gets an occupancy permit somehow.) I love to exert myself building things under the sun then relax later in the home I've created.
Durham, NC
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Recent posts by Rob Lineberger

Wasn't Burt Ward the best Batman?
19 hours ago
I don't know if I told you yet but I love this thread title.
1 day ago
Isn't knowledge its own reward?
1 day ago
I'm sure I'm missing a subtlety in your question but why can't you just build a hugel and start planting?  If you want a physical barrier, lay hardware cloth on the ground first. Sorry if I'm missing the point.
Dinosaurs? pets? I am sudden very curious about your dreams.
1 day ago
Sorry about all the FOO.  I can relate.

I have also learned a hard lesson from dreams.  Let's say you're having anxious dreams near the end of your sleep about how late it's getting. Surely work is half over by now. The train has left without you. You missed your croquet match hours ago. You drag yourself out of bed and toss on some clothes to find that the rooster isn't due to crow for two hours yet, but here you are half dressed in the dark.

Naturally, if you dream that work went really well, you had a great train trip, or you won your croquet match, then you've overslept.
1 day ago
Also it sounds like you're doing it right.  :)
1 day ago
I appreciate the warning.   This crate will be sitting on the ground.   I'm fairly certain I won't be able to lift it once its full.  

Lol at orangutan arms.   The wall i intend to build in my hyperadobe house is 24" or so.  Most are shallower.   Say 18".  Im intrigued by the clip idea!
1 day ago
Are they good weird or bad weird?
1 day ago
I don't recall ever falling onto a Tonka truck, but the soles of my feet have never recovered from LEGOs.
1 day ago