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Recent posts by Sonja Draven

Michael Cox wrote:

nancy sutton wrote:Could Covid19 really be no more lethal that a bad flu season?  The numbers in a fresh study published by John Hopkins Newsletter (and almost immediately 'disappeared') point in that direction.

(A webinar done by Prof. Genevieve Briand is not no longer on YT, but is on - search her name.)

I’m always sceptical when a case is made based on a retracted paper, or article. Journals are very careful of their reputation, which in this context means that articles need to stand up to peer review

I'm always skeptical and disappointed when something like this is disappeared. It then looks like a conspiracy, cover up or censorship. Unfortunately the U.S. government has a regular history of all of those things so it's easy for people to make the argument that that is the cause, whether or not it's true. Imo, better to leave it up (If it was good enough to publish initially, what changed) and publish the peers' rebuttals.
1 day ago
They can't make warm flannel lined stretch work pants for curvy women.
1 week ago
Great question, Janie!

As an avid reader, who often gets used books from random places, I've seen many personalizations in books that weren't kept. So when I give one, I tend to write a note on a card or sticky and tuck it in the book so it can be clean if the recipient wants to pass it on.

However, my best friend really treasures the personal notes written in books so I do write in hers and others when I know they feel the same.

So, I haven't written notes in most of the BWB copies I've given away. But I think the way you're doing it is perfect and it's great how you've shared them!
I have no personal experience with curing but the method you described is, in my neck of the woods, guaranteed to grow mold. So hopefully someone else will respond with a suggestion.

But I'm so sorry about your beautiful harvest!!! SO sad.

For what it's worth, I've cut mold off sweet potatoes and eaten them before. But I have a very sensitive nose and I can smell if there's mold actually permeating the food. If so, I don't (want to) eat it. If it's surface and can be removed, no biggie.
1 week ago
Eat soup with fork?
Too much work!
1 week ago
In my mind, the 20s were all about flapper dresses,
That and having bobbed tresses.
1 week ago
Bad wind storm. Power has been out for more than 24 hours...
2 weeks ago
I fixed mine by switching from Keen style foot wear to barefoot (mostly Xero) shoes.
2 weeks ago