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Recent posts by Sonja Draven

Carmen Rose wrote:By the way - I can't figure out how to reply to a specific answer to my post.

If you hit the quote button at the top of the post you want to reply to, it will quote that post. If you only want to refer to part of their post, you can delete the other pieces. Just make sure to leave the stuff in brackets (that say quote= person name. Etc) or it won't work right.
1 day ago
This is the fun sing that immediately came to mind with the thread title. Great movie. :)


But I clean to 80s, country, pop.. Lady Gaga ... Whatever comes up on the mp3 player that has a danceable beat or is good to sing along with. Definitely Journey!
2 days ago
How's the mattress coming, Carmen?
2 days ago

Randal Son wrote:Call a meeting with the deer and bears. Cut a deal, they get 20% and you don't have to spend on fence.

If only that worked....
5 days ago
I love the fun day ideas and I'm totally stealing them. My project list is painfully long and it can be tough to come up with relaxing ideas that aren't just vegetative.