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Recent posts by Sonja Draven

Sweet tart / vibrant for most fruits. Other than the occasional banana, nothing just sweet. I used to love just sour but those fruits bug my gums so I limit them too.

I taste tested grapes and was appalled at the new cotton candy grapes. No colour to the flavor, just sweet and bland. :(
5 days ago
Lots of kids in my family and we grew up drinking raw cow and goats milk, along with whole wheat and the diet you are describing.  None of us died.

But we got sick with severe colds, bronchitis, the flu, random digestive issues and other painful sickness regularly. I don't know what all we had because we weren't doctor people.

Now, many of us have serious / chronic health issues that started then and have been positively impacted by switching to a plant based whole foods diet. For me, the lesser illnesses like colds and the flu have basically disappeared too.

I do see food as medicine. But in my experience, it's not the food described in the original post.
1 week ago
I stayed at a hotel a couple weeks ago. I always take my breakfast because they rarely have options I can eat or that are healthy but I usually grab a banana on my way out. This time all I could see at a glance was a variety of overcooked / processed food (think stale danishes and rubbery eggs) so I asked the woman at the front desk if they had any fruit because I hadn't seen any. She gave me a blank look and said "we only serve breakfast." I started to respond and then realized it was pointless.
1 week ago
I'm agnostic, but celebrate Christmas and winter solstice  and appreciate the more inclusive, all encompassing feel of "happy holidays" because it also covers Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New year's.  
This year I made a ton of Mullein tincture for myself and to share with family and a couple friends who are prone to lung issues in the winter.  I also canned blackberries to share with family in the Midwest who can't get real ones. We grew up on berry pie and it's my group gift to them every year.

I don't do a lot of gift giving or receiving anymore. It's just slowly morphed that way over time and it works for us.  Mostly with distant family, we spend our budget on visiting each other and time together is what I REALLY want anyway.

I do like to make blankets designed for a specific person and that's a good winter activity but not something that will be done by the holidays and usually is gifted whenever it's finished and because I love them, not prompted by timing our tradition.
2 months ago

This is a great site with almost no processed ingredients (most recipes have none). I often use her recipes for inspiration to make my own creations. Her food is filling!

I love my instant pot too and use it regularly to cook a pot of beans, bean - veggie soup, and rice. Beans especially freeze well. I mostly eat really basic foods. Beans, rice, steamed veggies, some raw veggies, some fruit. On the weekends and holidays I get a little more fancy though.

There is another thread here that someone started recently in the food choices page about vegan soups and sandwiches  that you should check out. It had a lot of really great ideas.
2 months ago
I have given away all of my physical copies except one. Turns out the readers in my life prefer to read that way. So I'll keep an eye out for opportunities to share ebooks.

Feedback has already been very positive. Huge appreciation for the premise of fixing stuff instead of complaining. Like the practical solutions. And it's accessible and short enough to feel like they can start reading without committing a ton of time to a saga.

These are all the women in my life who do the research and then plan and share what they learned with their significant other for joint implementation. So the wind is shifting in a few more backyards.
2 months ago
In my opinion you could chalk it up to kids being kids if it stops quickly. If it continues it becomes bullying and should be stopped. I was subjected to both while growing up and it's the day in day out that damages. Random teasing isn't fun but you get over it.

And your daughter is adorable.
2 months ago
Several years ago I ended up in urgent care with what was diagnosed as allergy induced asthma. I literally thought I was going to die I felt so bad and could barely breathe through the wheezing. They gave me a steroid based inhaler with nasty side effects that I really didn't want to risk using. I remembered that years before Mullein had been helpful with bronchitis.

I have managed to avoid a recurrence by using Mullein tincture at the first hint of any wheezing or difficulty breathing. I take a couple squirts in water in the morning and again at night for a day or two and I'm good to go.
And it's way cheaper to make than buy, so I make a big batch every few years and then share it with family and friends who are prone to lung related illnesses.
3 months ago