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Question: Why do divorces cost so much???

Answer: Because they are worth it!


1 week ago
'Tears for Fears' ....perhaps the most underrated band of all time.  

Their latest album 'The Tipping Point' is a modern day masterpiece and 'Elemental' is as fresh today as when it was released 30 years ago.
Here are a few of my favorites from over the years .....many, many more can be found on their channel :

My Demons (from their new album 'The Tipping Point')

....somebody stop me.....

1 month ago
Not sure where I gleaned these from ....probably here ~ if so, hat-tip to OP, worthy of a repost:
1 month ago
I have a row of white cedars, about the same height & orientation. I planted some Holly bushes on the north side and they are doing quite well.
Not exactly food-forest material, but they add some diversity to the landscape and look nice.

If you mulch the area with wood chips, you could probably grow some mushrooms in there as well (ie: wine caps)
1 month ago
Had 'Miracles' pop into my head last night for absolutely no reason whatsoever, what a flashback.

Miracles - Jefferson Starship

Hearts ยท Marty Balin

3 months ago
Not sure if worth the aggrivation for you, but you can try to 'turn the tables' on them and demand that they send you a copy of the original contract/agreement showing the 60-day notice clause with your signature on it.  If they can't produce this document, then I would say they are shit-outta-luck and you can wield that against any threat of it going to collections.

I'm not an attorney and not sure this will help in your situtation, but it might put them on their heels and give you some bargaining power.
3 months ago
Casually ask her if she is into wild-foraging ...if she is, maybe she would be interested in going on a 'date' to go mushroom-hunting sometime.  

However, most woman I know would be rather wary (and rightfully so) about going for a hike with a man they have just met & don't know, so she needs to feel comfortable & safe around you first.
This probably also applies to offering her unsolicited food and/or drink (roofies, anyone?). Unless it's meeting-up at a coffee-shop, don't be surprised if this action makes her suspicious and put up her defenses.

If she seems hesitient, perhaps she has a friend that can go along with and chaperone -?

If not,  meeting for lunch at a restaurant and/or going to a public garden or a stroll at nearby beach might be more appropriate.
3 months ago
Might be time for me get new eyeglasses ...I read the subject title as "Winter Cold and Dog FARTS"  (like what do you do when you can't just open a window. haha!).  Reminded me of an old girlfriend - her dog's farts could peel paint!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand ....if you have access to pallets, maybe you could slap together some kind of a "pallet fort"?
I made this firewood crib out of three pallets and some scrap lumber. It wouldn't take much more effort to fashion a roof and attach some kind of siding.
Maybe use some T1-11 on the 'street' side so it looks a bit more presentable.

4 months ago
Great idea for a thread! ...I've always been fascinated by the art of dance, as well.
I'm currently a big fan of Tribal/Indian Fusion dance. The level of muscle control the performers exhibit is simply amazing, right down to the fingertips....

This first one by Valeria Chudaeva is probably my all time favorite (youtube will not allow embedded link, please follow URL):

Shemakhinskaya Bayaderka Festival / Valeria Chudaeva / 2019
(youtube will not allow embedded link)

...this one is pretty good, too:

Here are a couple favorites by Kira Lebedeva:

5 months ago
Find the black dot...

6 months ago