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Recent posts by Pete Podurgiel

Chris Kott wrote: Stop giving the big 5, and any multinational corporations you can identify, your money. Find local alternatives, and change how you buy to stop feeding these monsters. We can kill them all with the Death of a Thousand Cuts.

Admirable and the right thing to do, but seeing as infinite public funds/subsidies/grants can be printed out of thin air to support the Corporatocracy with little to no oversight - the bad guys will prevail every time.
For example, we can all refuse to buy MS products, but if the State takes a loan (and raises our taxes) for the schools to buy 500,000 laptops made in China and loads it with Win10 ...what impact have we made?
Unfortunately, the game has been completely rigged for the insiders.

If ony there was some document that prohibited the use of debt-money, that might help ....oh well, one can dream I suppose.

Hi John:

Not familiar with that model, but curious:  Does the PTO still funtion?  

I know there are some safety devices that interact with the PTO on my 790 longshot, just thinking there may be some kind of PTO/drivetrain lockout safety device accidentally engaged or perhaps broke.

6 days ago
A few suggestions:

- Cut Cable TV, ignore/shun all MSM outlets, avoid supporting Hollywood or professional sports.

- Use Opera browser for internet, it has built in ad blocker and a VPN option.

- Switch to Protonmail for email "ProtonMail is incorporated in Switzerland and all our servers are located in Switzerland. This means all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws."
Some email providers (ie: mailchimp) are scaning the contents of your emails and blocking things they deam don't meet their 'publishing' standards.  

- Find an old computer and install a Linux OS for internet browsing.

- Use craigslist, buy second hand items whenever possible.

- Transact in cash whenever possible. resist the push towards digital 'money'

Hi Denise:

FWIW - I have a dishwasher on a greywater system and haven't had any problems.  I'm using Palmolive eco+ detergent, it's reasonably priced and should be locally available.
Research the ingredients for peace of mind, but says phosphate free and "friendly to lakes and streams" ....that last bit may be a bit of a stretch, in my opinion.

Also perports that it "dissolves 24hr stuck on food", I'm not so sure about that, either. I usually hand wash tough stuck on foods (ie: egg yolk) and use the dishwasher for the finish wash.

As far as reclaiming heat from the dishwasher wastewater, I would probably advise against that. My take is that it's best to keep the greywater hot so that any dissolved grease doesn't solidify and clog your pipes.
Perhaps a better solution can be found (ie: a grease trap), but not sure it worth the potential heachache.

1 week ago
Hi Christopher:

 I'm somewhat of a noobie growing mushrooms myself, so not much help to offer, but curious ...are we talking King Oyster or King Stropharia?
Hopefully someone more experienced will chime in here with some insight for you.

best of luck
1 week ago
Bill Evans Trio / Waltz for Debby

2 weeks ago
Hi Trace:

I can't speak as the the WM-8H, but have been using a woodmaxx MX-8800 that I'm very pleased with.
It is running off a JD 790 and so far have had no significant problems.  
I've mostly been feeding green spruce/pine and some smaller hardwood through it.

Here's a list of my impressions:

- made in America
- The thing is a beast, steel is heavy plate, well engineered/constructed.
- Compact design, allows me to get into tight places in the forest/landscape
- a bit lighter and a more compact than the MX8H, though I think the feeder on the 8H might be better.

- the feeder tends to slip on some of the larger green spruce Y-branches (can't gain a bite)
   These branches simply need to be backed-out and trimmed. However, one time when backing out a y-branch,
   a stub got hung-up on a hole and jammed the branch in the machine.
   Had to shut down and took some cussing and cutting to undo the jam, but all was good in the end.  

I only have about 10 hours on the machine and is about ready for it's first service/greasing.
I don't really feed anything larger than 2-3" through it (that stuff is used for firewood),
so the blades have held up fine and I haven't need to mess with them yet.

Chips are very fine and used some birch chips for growing oyster mushroom in buckets.
Also useful for processing sunflower and corn stalks into mulch.

2 weeks ago
Hey all:

Writing to see if anyone has any knowledge they would llike to offer on this company/product line?
Their Pinephone appears to be in some form of a development stage and they begin shipping mid November.
Not sure what to make of it, Linux is not one of my strong points.

  "An Open Source Smart Phone Supported by All Major Linux Phone Projects"

This is a PinePhone Community Edition featuring Manjaro mobile Linux operating system. It is a limited edition of the PinePhone aimed primarily at Manjaro community members.
The core purpose of this campaign is to provide hardware capable of running mainline Linux to members of the community so that Manjaro developers can benefit from feedback
and code contributions to their project. The preinstalled Manjaro OS software build which ships with this edition of the PinePhone is an Alpha software build. This effectively mean
that while core functionality of the PinePhone – such as telephone calls, SMS messages, LTE, GPS, GPU acceleration, etc. – is operational, it is also an ongoing effort, and thus
the device cannot be considered as a consumer-ready product.

2 weeks ago
For me, it was mostly relieved by changing from soft-soled hikers to hard-soled boots.

Also, perhaps try warm soaks with epsom salt and/or going barefoot whenever possible.

best regards,

2 weeks ago
Hi John - yeah, that's not a bad price. They pay for themselves quickly vs hiring someone.

Carla: If you are unable to get a good look inside your chimney, I've had some luck taping a camera (or cellphone) to a stick and setting it to "video mode" to get a peak inside. YMMV.

3 weeks ago