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Guernsey a small island near France.
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Recent posts by Fox James

Thomas, those Makita saws are very good quality machines, I dont think they have made that model for about 25 years or more and the new versions are nowhere  near as good!
To buy the same quality new version will cost you $ 750 or more, although a second hand one will be much less.
I have the same one myself that has been in use for 30 years (cutting wood) and is still going strong, I have bought 3-4 new models in that same period and they have all broken!
If you are going to buy a saw to cut bricks though, then why not buy  a wet cutter for the same sort of cost?

Cleaning mortar from clay bricks can be achieved in a few ways, a real masons cleaning chisel with a sharp square edge is the best hand tool, no dust but wear eye protection.
A hand grinding stone designed for the job will work on lime or clay cement.
Or for fast removal and to clean up of flat surface, a 4” cup grinder disc, you need a wet grinder or good mask for that tool but they work very well….
22 hours ago

Øystein Tandberg wrote:Thank you guys - great video! I will watch it again a few times before I comment.

There are lots more videos on my channel including info on casting.
I think this was the last video about the vortex J tube here ….
1 week ago
Hi Burra, thank you for documenting your build so well, it is coming along nicely and now you are getting to the more exciting bits!
As you are obviously a dragon fan, I thought you might like to see my own dragon.
I just finished it early this year.
1 week ago
You might find a few things of interest in this video.
2 weeks ago
I have several, some go up to 750c but you have to bear in mind they measure surface temperature not air temperature.
They dont like shiny surfaces and overall and can not he relied upon for accurate readings!
However, every stove owner needs one, they are great fun to use and a fantastic insight to where the heat is highest etc ….
The really high heat recordings you might find in a rocket stove are often inaccessible for a gun, areas like the centre of the riser base can only be measured by placing something in the middle of the flow away from the sides.
I dont think ot matters if they are not very accurate and most sub £25 models all very similar in performance, but I would look for one that goes up to 750c .
2 weeks ago
I have tried using a centre vortex slot in a J tube before with OK results but a single vortex seemed to work much better in the J tube, however, with this design a piece of ceramic glass above the burn chamber allows very hot air to feed directly into the base of the riser.
3 weeks ago
The vortex stove has been developed mainly as a mass heater and like most ‘riser less’ stoves, it does not like being fed fresh wood on top of hot coals as the excess wood gas makes the stoves go into over fueling mode,  producing far to much smoke!
Even batch box designs as good as they are, do not like being reloaded too soon but, without a viewing window this fact is not so obvious.
Peter has developed a couple of stoves that can be re loaded more successfully and these use what could be termed as an ‘expansion chamber’
I had already worked than out that a much larger top box certainly helped but I am still struggling to keep a clean burn  going while continuously adding wood to a hot fire box.
However with a suggestion from Peter, I have adapted my own expansion chamber by utilising a different shape and position exit hole.
This has shown some good results but the side effect is a slightly lazy vortex shape and not very good heat distribution over the hot plate!
All the same this is quite exciting as I now have a better base to work from and hopefully I can adjust and tune the stove a bit more……

1 month ago
Another day another vid…..
1 month ago
So I made some changes, I think for the better but, of course one good run is not a conclusive result. We will continue tomorrow with some other ideas. Hopefully I will be able to build a more permanent stove with fresh glass and vermiculite but for the time being, we will struggle on with the bits and pieces I have to hand.
1 month ago
Well it works to a fashion….
Not ideal conditions with 18c air temp and zero wind but it fired up ok.
I need to do a lot of fiddling with the air supply  as it only works with no door at the moment, however the secondary air is very visible with the door in place!
For a first fire up with lots of mods, I think it went ok…..

1 month ago