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Recent posts by Nikki Corey

I have a kiddo that loves to eat flowers so I’ve started growing one flower bed that has only flowers that won’t harm him. He now knows he is only allowed to eat those (though I still sometimes catch him eating clover flowers in the fields), which is important because I grow Chaya for food. It contains cyanide. The kids have been taught to never ever nibble it until it has been cooked properly. (We boil for 10 minutes and drain and think it’s delicious!)
4 weeks ago
Back to Reality put theirs stem up in the box. The original post said stem down; wonder if that partly accounts for their failure? They also left them for longer than I think was recommended.
4 weeks ago
Just to clarify my link... I believe the “draft a sloper” link is to modify existing patterns (by laying that sloper on top and drawing the correct lines) so that existing patterns can fit you in a very custom way. Not to try to draft your own patterns from scratch.
2 months ago
I did not read through each comment, so I hope this is still helpful.

I’m going to leave two links here... one is for an awesome tutorial for creating your own sloper that will allow you to customize bodices for yourself. It’s free. You have to do the work. If I remember correctly, she gives detailed instructions and tells you how to measure as well (didn’t re-read today).

The second is a link to a Russian company that drafts any selected pattern to the measurements you input. You can put in very detailed measurements and save them to you profile and then select any of their patterns and they will send you that pattern digitally, in your specific size. It isn’t perfect (as previously mentioned, they can’t see your actual body) and the patterns have to be printed and taped and cut (which is obnoxious), but the patterns are cheaper than even regular, non-customized retail patterns.
2 months ago
As an update... I did go ahead and order this. I haven’t set it up (because we are moving), but all the parts came and look good and the customer service is very good. So... not a scam!
3 months ago
We have some mock strawberry in our yard. It’s nice to walk on and the leaves and flowers are edible (though bland). Wild violets too (I use those medicinally.) And I third the white clover. Love that stuff.
If you’re in a warmer climate, maybe sweet potato vines or Malabar spinach? The malabar might get crushed or bruised, but it’s very aggressive at my house.
4 months ago
I’m in zone 9b and have grown the following: mint, rosemary, Chickweed, cleavers, calendula, lemon balm, thyme, oregano, elderberry, moringa, comfrey, plantain, valerian, lobelia, hibiscus, mulberry, lemongrass, ginger, turmeric, chicory, English ivy, non-dormant alfalfa, Chaya, katuk, wild violet.
There are probably more I’ve forgotten. And there are lots of food plants that I grow or that will grow here which have medicinal uses I’m just unaware of. Sometimes I enter “__________ medicinal uses” in a search engine, filling the blank with the name of some random plant I’m growing for food, and find all manner of things people use it for medicinally. Kinda fun.
I have a lot more things I’d like to try here and haven’t yet, and some that were supposed to grow well here and crashed and burned for me (could easily have been gardener error; I’m not awesome at babying seedlings)...
4 months ago