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Recent posts by Chris Dean

Leaving the phone behind to go for a walk and sit in the pasture with my dogs. Being able to sit and do nothing with no distractions is essential for me.
2 months ago
My crew is plotting something...
2 months ago
Spinach for mine!
1 year ago
I got one of these recently: 100,000 BTU High Pressure Propane Burner. Haven't canned with it yet but that's what I got it for since I only have an electric range.
2 years ago
Used mycelium substrate is a GREAT composter! When I was taking a Master Gardener course, as soon as people found out I want to grow mushrooms many of them were asking for my spent substrate.

I haven't fed substrate to worms yet, but as I build up my mushroom and worm production that is my plan. From what I've read it is great for worms.

I've also heard of spent substrate fed to worms actually growing mushrooms, which can also be used as worm food. I'm excited about trying!
2 years ago
I have excess corn that I want to use to grow mushrooms. I've never grown mushrooms before but I have been studying the process. I think I understand the basics but will use this as my first trial.

So here's my question. I've ordered a block of grain spawn and I have this excess of corn. I can break up that original block and colonize all my corn--in multiple batches--right? For instance, can I make a bag layering pasteurized corn with grain spore, then after the mycelium takes it over I can break it up and then use that to make more blocks?
5 years ago
Thanks for the video--haven't heard of this guy before...I like him!

Does anyone have any experience in dry conditions with no dig?
9 years ago
That's definitely one of the most photogenic beds I've seen! Great work
9 years ago
That's a cool idea. I'm interested to see the progress as you get things going.

Do you have high winds where you are? We have wind here a lot, I would think these would dry out quickly here
9 years ago