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since May 03, 2018
Retired from day job in 2001. (law enforcement) , also have always farmed, Now down to 80 acres of hay ground. Do not live on the farm, but on one acre 20 milers away. Grow root crops for market garden.
Travel some with my motor home.
Yakima Valley. Washington State
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I live about 75 miles east of St. Helen's. Will always remember that day. Was planting corn, elderly neighbor came out to the field and said"the mountain blew ", told him thanks and got back on the tractor. He made two more trips, getting more upset with me each time. About the last time, something started falling out of the sky. I headed to the barn, and thankfully put the equipped inside. Within a few minutes the ash really started falling.  I guess within a hour or so it was completely dark. You could hold your hand , six inches in front of a flashlight and not see your hand. Got about 3 to 4 inches of ash when it was all over. No one knew what to do with it or what it would do to anything. Had all that ash on my roofs, made the mistake of trying to wash it off, the wrong thing to do. Ended up getting up there and shoveling it off. Had a low spot so dumped it in there, filling a big hole.
Did not drive my personal vehicles for over a week. Being in law enforcement,  had to drive my patrol vehicle, starting the next day. Had to change the air filter about every two hours. Took out two sets of front wheel bearings.  Car never was the same,  ending up getting issued a new vehicle within two months.
All the business building had to have the roofs shoveled off. There were several large fruit warehouses that fell in from the weight of the ash.

Had to replant my corn, but because of the nutritional value of the ash, had a bumper crop. To this day under the right circumstances you can still see some ash.
Yes, it was quite an experience,  but once was enough.

Went up to the mountain the next winter and could snowmobile on top of all the downed timber.  A miracle how that country side has regrown.
1 year ago
Have lived in the NW all of my 76 yrs. 99.99% of it in the state of Washington. Employment (law enforcement) and farming have kept me in Washington. I would suggest the pan handle of Idaho to look at. There area high priced areas,  and there are places where the working man can afford to live. Good luck in finding a home for you and your family.
1 year ago
I presume I have always been somewhat of an introvert.  Was raised as an only child,  on a 1800 acre farm. From an early age, I would rather stay home and work on the farm. My enjoyment would be to spend all day out on a tractor.  By the mid twenty's I entered law enforcement, for the next thirty four years, that was my day job. I still farmed as a way to help forget about the day.
After I retired, I was burned out of being around the public. Never was one that enjoyed being around large groups of people, and after retirement I did not have to. Have a small group of friends, that I enjoy being with. Would much rather stay at home and work in the garden and yard. Great enjoyment going out to the farm and working. (down to 80 acres) .  A good day is still spending it on a tractor.
Anyway enjoy my life, as a 76 yr old, things are great.
Read article about that several years ago, it indicated not to even use the dyed mulch at all.  As I recall something about the dye was not good for you or the environment.
1 year ago

Have seen this movie several times on PBS.  Copies can be found in several local stores in Wenatchee and Leavenworth Washington. Am located about 75 miles south of the area in the movie. Always enjoy seeing what some folks have done to get away from the rat race.
1 year ago