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Recent posts by Coco Fernandez

Ashley Cottonwood wrote:YOU FOUND THE KITTENS!!!

Also, yay retaining wall is still standing...

Looking great! That's one cozy spot to spend the winter!

The Kittens are so cute!

Your retaining wall is so lovely!!!

Jen has made it a happy cozy home. I think it will be great for the winter too.
3 years ago
photos from dave:

Dave working on his BB build a hugelkultur

Great Job Dave!!!
3 years ago
Ashley is here to get her hugelkultur BB certified.  She has to build a hugelkultur 7 feet tall and plant it. PEP BB Hugelkultur build and plant

3 years ago
New PEP BB from Lee, add one horizontal log to berm/hugelkultur scaffolding

Paul with one of the new kitten!

paul wheaton kitten on shoulder

3 years ago
Jen is moved into the abbey (Jen and her cat)

Home sweet home!

3 years ago
Photos from Jen

Bella getting ready to help peel the tree I dropped

Dave also helping to peel my tree

3 years ago