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since Mar 21, 2018
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My name is Coleen Fernandez. Also known as Coco
Enjoy gardening, being a mom, crochet, sewing
And talking to like minded Permaculture people.
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Near Missoula, MT
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Recent posts by Coco Fernandez

Thank you for sharing the links!
I was super bomb not to be able to go.
So glad to see Paul doing talks at the library again.
Hopefully I can get out for the next ones! :)
9 months ago
Thank you everyone!!! You guys are a huge help. :)
11 months ago
Hello friends!

I am trying to get my garden started.
Where did you all get your seeds from when you started?

This year I’m planning on a small garden,
but hoping in the next couple years to have a beautiful big garden
once that we get property.
If you have any advice would love the help.
11 months ago
show that you made teapot cozy.
show the price is at least $20
provide proof that it sold

1 year ago

Ashley Cottonwood wrote:YOU FOUND THE KITTENS!!!

Also, yay retaining wall is still standing...

Looking great! That's one cozy spot to spend the winter!

The Kittens are so cute!

Your retaining wall is so lovely!!!

Jen has made it a happy cozy home. I think it will be great for the winter too.
4 years ago
photos from dave:

Dave working on his BB build a hugelkultur

Great Job Dave!!!
4 years ago