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Recent posts by M. Phelps

up working on the cabin this year i was sleeping in my vehicle...
usually when i make coffee there are a couple rabbits who hop right up to me..(might have never seen humans)
anyhow one morning i woke up and heard a little noise
thought it was my rabbit friends and i sat up quickly looked out the window and i was face to face with a bull moose!
tried to get a pic but it was dark still and i ended up spooking him

3 days ago
when i did highrise window cleaning i would encounter transmitters which were fenced off on the roof with warnings not to cross.
warnings of dangerous electromagnetic radiation
it was piece work so to get the job done i had to cross that barrier
i set up as quick as possible and got over the edge of the building
it had me thinking on the way down... i hope the persons bed is not in that corner of the room!
3 days ago
i too like beach combing

i pick up all sorts of stuff including garbage

i have a jar of glass, one full of porcelain and one full of fishing lures :)
i kept a few floats from fishing nets when i was on lake superior

i find fossils here mostly as  the local rock is sedimentary but the glaciers placed many other rock types on our beaches as well
this one is some kind of coral colony i would guess

on the topic of safety... when i was out in nova scotia.. i wandered out in the bay of fundy looking for rocks following an outgoing tide... at night
and managed to scare myself like i havent been scared in a long time!
it is not to be underestimated or taken lightly

those look like netted pots for hydroponics growing
hydroton balls likely were in the net and the roots would be sprayed with a water and fertilizer solution

finding garbage sucks
i have found garbage including hospital waste and syringes on some of the most "remote" beaches on lake ontario
it floats along the surface and ends up everywhere

check out these forums for local resources on fossils and minerals to be found in youre locality



searching for: mindat and the name of a local beach or nearby locality will be easier than navigating the site

check this out too


4 days ago
also take breaks if it seems like the wall/ceiling is getting saturated/ soggy
allow it to dry and then resume until it starts to get soggy again
1 week ago
i would use a razor blade to scrape the thick spatter off then dish soap and a sponge to get the remainder
try to do it lightly so you dont dig in
1 week ago
the butter beans are quite big... taste great too..
they are used in dishes at a local vegan rastafarian restaurant

here are a couple more, which if they are grown for novelty alone
might get bigger

Entada gigas  Sea Heart

"A large, vigorous vine in the legume family, native to the tropical Americas and Africa. While its robust stems and pinnate foliage are not unattractive, its most notable feature are its giant seed pods that can reach a length of 2 m and hold up to 15 large, glossy, dark brown, heart shaped seeds. The seeds float and can be distributed by ocean currents over large distances, which probably accounts for its curious distribution pattern."

another similar plant is:
Dioclea reflexa  Sea Bean

"An attractive climber found in coastal forests along tropical seashores worldwide. The large, attractive seeds are called sea beans and are distributed by ocean currents. Often found washed up on seashores, they are popular to make natural jewelry."

descriptions from the rare palm seeds website
1 week ago
i added these trees to the forest recently:

a red mulberry:

and a royal gala apple which a friend gave to me:

after taking the photos i put some chicken wire around them

still following this thread!
2 weeks ago
when i read the title i thought i might have something useful to contribute

my sisters each had a dog
a burmese mountain dog and a jack russel
i used to take the dogs on adventures and after one of these adventures
the burmese developed stroke like symptoms with one side of the face going limp and even some seizure like episodes

speculation abounded but it was an infection which was cleared up eventually by antibiotics

sadly both of these great dogs have passed recently enough so i feel youre pain
2 weeks ago