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rare palm seeds has new stock... i am about to order some myself
1 day ago
i saw this one a couple days ago and snapped a pic
1 day ago
the paw paw should survive they just might not set fruit due to frosts
3 weeks ago
original poster seems to be gone already but as a side note the one operator told me it was easier to push over trees with the excavator than to dig up the stumps of said trees had they been cut down

(i had done some clearing and he said next time dont)

also peel the logs once they push them over and have moved on to a safe distance
3 weeks ago
funny, at work there have been many problems with even brand new electric saws not oiling properly

3 weeks ago
one contractor i was paying 140/hr for one guy with a 20T excavator

another contractor i had out there with two operators, one in a big skid steer on tracks and another using a backhoe
i think it was around 200/hr

another guy locally was saying 80/hr but he was too busy

it costs a lot just to "float" the equipment to the site...
when i looked at renting an excavator it was going to be $1400 just for delivery and pick up

one source locally for gravel was pretty cheap... $20 per tonne i think
but the hours spent by the driver delivering said gravel would be a lot more than the cost of the gravel
i never did get any gravel delivered

sounds like you would need a culvert too
i paid $600 per "stick" (bought 4)
they were 2 foot diameter

call around and get some quotes... usually free

3 weeks ago