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i would say the most important thing would be selecting the right type for youre climate
you will need one of the more cold hardy varieties
look for varieties like namwa (often sold as icecream), orinoco or blue java(harder to get the real thing usually you end up with a namwa)

bananas like full sun and lots of water, but not wet feet/submerged
option 3 sounds good since the roots could find the ground water
maybe just chop and drop to avoid moving materials down there?
3 hours ago
i did question the no smell part... the stuff i buy does have a smell
goes away after about a day after watering it in to the garden
thanks for posting
lots of dead trout along the riverbanks in spring and lots of dead salmon along the riverbanks in fall around here
i have not gathered any up yet.. i could just imagine the smell!
i would like to give this a try though as i do buy fish emulsion
i watched the first one so far and enjoyed it

check out this video i think you might like it

6 days ago
sorry if this is the wrong thread to ask this...
is the cider press now the pie press?
i bought a hoop bender and i still plant to make a pit greenhouse with double layer hoops (two hoops one a foot away from the other)

for my 4 season greenhouse i plan on going with wood since it transmits less cold

i see a tiny greenhouse on my drive up north which has wood gothic arches
they seem to be 3 layers of board cut and attached together to make the arch shape
(at least thats what i figure as i drive by at 50 km/hr)
1 week ago
i binge watched the whole southwest mushrooms youtube channel recently and red alder is used in one of his recipes
1 week ago
rare palm seeds has new stock... i am about to order some myself
1 week ago
i saw this one a couple days ago and snapped a pic
1 week ago