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Recent posts by M. Phelps

the idea is to each make a channel showcasing neighbourhood clean ups and hopefully spread the idea
i will post their channels here as they start to post content
feel free to make your own channel if you feel inspired to do so!
3 weeks ago
what did you eat in the last few days?

i had a bad reaction to onion powder recently
i was out of commission for 2/3 of a day
last time this happened i was sick for 2/3 of the day then vomited and felt great afterwards
headache, lack of energy(slept most of the day) stuffed but solid and dry sinuses
nausea, belly full of morning coffee which was not being processed/moving its way along
all because of eating too much food with onion powder in it

you may have a food sensitivity too
4 weeks ago
nice visuals Pearl!
here are a couple more in the dream / fractal theme

1 month ago
i grew camellia sinensis in a relatively small pot for years but ended up killing it due to underwatering
looks like a burl which is sprouting new branches
5 months ago
not applying for the pep but the other day i put a pair of chainsaw pants in the wash and i had emptied the pockets however there was a tear in the pants and huge amounts of sawdust was down in the pants which i was unaware of.
when i went to empty the dryer there was sawdust everywhere and the lint trap was overflowing
so much had gotten in there that i couldnt even return the lint trap to its position
what i did to clean that area out was roll up some paperboard (like cereal box)
to make a nozzle narrow enough to fit into the lint trap spot and held the vacuum hose over the end and stabbed around down there until it was cleared out
5 months ago
the frost is certainly late to arrive this year
i have ordered other plants from flora exotica
yacon is on my want to buy list
not sure if they are in stock currently but it might be worth sending Perry and email

6 months ago