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Recent posts by M. Phelps

you never know what you might find in the areas with garbage
i know some people who go old bottle hunting

the pick up truck will help with moving logs/firewood

have you seen any of the threads about hugelkultur?
i might make my first one this season....if i get around to it

maybe a rocket mass heater so you dont need to collect nearly as much firewood

over a hundred acres is a lot with no equipment.. starting closest to the home would be good

i would like to make a junk pole fence like they have been to  protect mu garden

i have too many plans also....
2 weeks ago
does anyone know the name of the other plant he uses with the roundish leaf which you can see at the bottom of the screen in the video (before you hit play)
i think it grows here as well
2 weeks ago
hey dave!
hows it going

here is a timelapse i took on lake erie one day

it was a good day for kiting

are you still in michigan

1 month ago
google maps has a feature where you can view the past images kind of like a timelapse as well

i just double checked and the site i use only works in ontario... but since there are a bunch of people from ontario here....

1 month ago
i might try to buy/ask for fruits which are on the ground in orchards for the purpose of spreading around with the hope that they may sprout
oh yeah and i found one nearby to one i made
made by a moose it looks like
but they chose to make it in an area of dense brush.... shade already there....
1 month ago
i just subscribed to youre channel
i made some small watering holes like that last year which were full to the brim in the spring but bone dry later in the season
i was thinking of making a little sun shade of some kind for the south side to reduce evaporation
1 month ago
do you know anyone in durham who might rent out some greenhouse space next winter by any chance?
1 month ago