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After a long career electro-geeking for R&D labs in the electronic industry Mike has checked out of the rat race & moved to the woods. Not entirely off grid but trying to achieve that goal. He raises a few animals & enjoys growing healthy food in various gardens. He is a life long nature lover, adventure seeker, & to a certain extent a minimalist. Eventually bears will probably eat him & turn him into compost. He is ok with that.
Gulf of Mexico cajun zone 8
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Recent posts by Mike Barkley

Perhaps at the end of the growing season you could use a sledge hammer or a vehicle to compact the hugel. Maybe add some soil on top after all the cavities are collapsed.
8 hours ago
Hi Wilberto. Welcome to permies.

At the bottom of the window where you type a post there is a tab labeled "attachments". That is one way to add pictures. If it's a picture from online somewhere you can use the IMG button in the row to the right of your name.
I read somewhere that dandelions are the 4th most nutritious food on the planet.
6 days ago
Muppets Pearl? haha that's not how we do things around here y'all.

It's hotter than hell here in cajun country lately. Had a large copperhead on my porch a couple days ago. Saw the largest cottonmouth I've ever seen last weekend. Eight or ten feet at least. Went back & tried to get a better look but the deer flies were eating me alive. Might be a gator moving into the creek near my cabin. Might be wild hogs. Was a gator last year. Either way ... as one of these songs says ... it's a baaaaaad swamp & not a place to fool around. Figured some swampy snake music is appropriate to end this week.


1 week ago
Small trees don't have much of a chance against cattle. If the cattle don't eat them they will crush them. Not on purpose but they're just big somewhat clumsy animals.
1 week ago
Silver Queen & a dent variety didn't do well for me this year. I think the seeds were too old. Fortunately another hybrid variety of sweet corn is almost ready to harvest.

I've grown several types of sweet corn the past few years. Enjoyed it all.

Two other types I've experimented with are Cherokee popcorn & Hiren's corn. The popcorn has a variety of colors & makes tiny popcorn. The Hiren's is the small ears used in oriental food.