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Mandy Launchbury-Rainey

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since Feb 11, 2018
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Retired teacher reforming a house with 1 acre at 'La Vida Verde', VirĂ­s, Lugo province.
Galicia, Spain zone 9a
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Recent posts by Mandy Launchbury-Rainey

Dale Hodgins wrote:There has never been a better opportunity for someone to install time capsules in their home.

This is such a brilliant idea!  We are having an under-floor system installed in our house which will have areas free where we could do this.  We are thinking of family pictures and pictures of the house before we reformed it.
5 days ago

Catie George wrote:I cover my garden in a foot of straw of straw every year. I am somewhat jealous of your problem, I have a lot of trouble sourcing bales some years!

We can't find straw either. We use hay and just put layers everywhere. It has the added advantage of stopping the dogs trekking mud into the house in wet weather.
1 week ago
My dogs have a solution to the cat crap problem. They eat it. Problem solved. Then they come for cuddles.....
1 week ago
Eric - do you know of a supplier for the wine cap spores?
1 week ago
I set myself a target of knitting socks for my family.  So Amazon may come in very handy since I've only got half of them done..

Thank you so much Catie!
1 week ago
Thank you Dillon. Raised beds are definitely an option. Paying for hip op I'm afraid us beyond our pensions. Long handled tools sound interesting.
1 week ago
I have wanted to have a permaculture garden since I first saw the documentary by Bill back in the early 80s. Now I have the chance to develop the dreams but have also developed hip problems. I can't have hip replacement untill I am 10 years older or in intolerable pain (!). Everytime I wake up I have an idea in my head of what to plant or sow or build, and by mid-morning I have to give up. That is depressing in itself. Now. We all know that there is someone else out there with worse problems, but somehow that doesn't always help when one is kneeling on the ground, unable to get up, just as the postie arrives, the phone rings or one nees the loo. Does anyone out there have exercises to help with hip and back pain, ideas for doing gardening tasks more easily or just knows what hip pain and associated sciatica is like?
1 week ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:

(And, you all gotta know how torn I am now. My son's in school and they have a shiny link that gives money to his school. Do I support permies, or his school. Such a hard decision! And, um, bad parent that I am, I use the permies link!)

Your son won't always be in the same school, but he will always be part of the same World, and you are making it a better place!
I've got a soggy spot!

I'll try an elderberry....
2 weeks ago