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Ashley Cottonwood

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since Feb 08, 2018
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Ashley is a small scale market gardener and permaculture student. She is the owner and founder of a micro poultry operation and composting program. Ashley is a participant in the SKIP program and is passionate about acquiring homesteading skills.
British Columbia
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Recent posts by Ashley Cottonwood

Hello Folks!

Here is the most recent version of the PTJ Schedule:

Pss! Mike Haasl is not teaching for a day (or two!)
4 months ago
This is part of the Permaculture Technology Jamboree at Wheaton Labs

*Project delayed to PTJ 2023*

Round Door Project!

This project is part of the Wood Working track. Instructing the creation of this artifact is Sky Huddleston

This thread is to share information in regards to the design, goals, and applications for the round door as well as to hear your feedback in regards to the projects!

You can find out more about the Permaculture Technology Jamboree HERE
4 months ago

Almost at the next stretch goal!!!
4 months ago

I love Joel so much. His works have been foundational for the inspiration and designing my own business and livestock systems.
4 months ago