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Recent posts by Ashley Cottonwood

I'm in! I live is South Eastern BC!

Zone 4 - 950m above sea level

I have a 1/2 acre I own and 5 acres I rent (zone 3 - 1000m).
1 week ago
There is currently no size restriction given for this BB so as far as I can determine your submission meets requirements but perhaps it's something that should be discussed.

Either way, I thought it was adorable with beating it with a wooden spoon!
1 week ago
Here is my BB submission!

The oil source is from belly fat from a pig I raised myself:

Prepping the fat:

Two pots of fat rendering:

Finished Lard (white = cooled fat from first batch, brown = still warm fat from second batch)
Welcome Alana!

Looks like a lovely location! I really hope you get to go to Wheaton lab and join the boot camp
2 weeks ago
Looks like an Americauna. Looks like a hen. If it lays blue eggs you know for sure.
2 weeks ago
Here is my BB submission!

3 Windows (before):

Action shot:

3 windows (after):

2 weeks ago
Here is my BB submission:


Accessing Clog:

Tools of the trade:


Yay! Sink drains!
2 weeks ago
When Paul was describing Aunt Nattie it reminded me a lot of my older sister.

My sister is 40 and she has "seen it all". She has worked as:
- Security for large City's subway transportation network
- Security for large City's hospital
- Prison guard for one of Canada's largest penitentiaries
- RCMP office
- Respiratory Therapist (at home services, STARS, an NICU)

She also has a family of her own: husband and 5 year old son

My sister is always the one on camping/hiking/biking trips that has a fully stocked First Aid Kit and knows how to use it
She has an excellent knowledge of early childhood development and knows the important nutritional aspects, physiological aspects, and phycological aspects to focus on during different stages of development
She know when to call bullshit and will take the time to explain to you the fundamental systems interactions that are involved the treatment/diagnosis she is using
She always has salves/ointments/treatments for common childhood afflictions on hand (rashes/allergies/cut/burns/swelling) and either makes it herself or knows the purpose of every ingredient  
She will tell you when you need to seek medical advice or when she thinks you might need to seek a second opinion from another medical professional
If you're ever not able to make it to a hospital, she's the next best thing to have around - She's literally pulled a man out of a burning vehicle
If I have have a child, I want her next to me yelling at me to "push" and elbowing incompetent medical staff out of the way
It's hard to be embarrassed about your personal ailments after hearing her stories form working at hospitals/prisons/transit
Not afraid to tell you things that might be hard to hear


2 weeks ago