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- I like how the title is nice and clear
1 week ago
Hi Permies!

I would love to get ideas and feedback for the SKIP book cover!

Please send me ideas for images, items, words, shiny things that would catch your eye if you were looking for your next book.

Things like chicks in tea cups?

Or baby skunks?

Or just a big ole' carrot?

Just kidding!

What would grab your attention? Get you to flip to the first page? Actually BUY it!


3 weeks ago
Hey Permies!

I never stop learning with poultry! I have Ameraucanas that are 7 months old and have been laying for a couple weeks. I came home today to find an egg in the nesting box with a soft shell. Not the first time I've seen this with young hens... but I also noticed a mass of clotted blood in with the yolk and albumin. Not just a spec but a loonie sized mass of blood (that's the funny Canadian money). I haven't noticed any signs of poor health with my flock. Has anyone seen this before? I'm worried about my fuzz faces!
3 weeks ago
Hi there!

Duplications mean that you can do the same BB twice to meet the point for the badge level. It would be unlikely you would be given credit for doing a BB three times over or more.

If a badge requirement indicates that you can do "new" items from a lower level badge (such as Sand ) it means you can get points for the badge you are working on by preforming BBs from a lower level badge you may have already completed (as long as you have not already claimed the points for those specific BBs when completing the previous badge)
3 weeks ago
My experience was that I was just slowly asphyxiating my poor rooster. At first is seemed to be working but then I realized he was having troubles eating properly. I would tighten it, loosen it, widen the strap, narrow the strap, but I came to the conclusion I was just slowly torturing my poor bird.

That's just my experience though...  
3 weeks ago
I live in an area with a high deer, elk, and moose population. Here, 8 feet is minimum and 10 feet is ideal.

Check out Mike's Wavy Fence for an alternative fencing idea. He says it works great for keeping deer out.
Hi Zach!

Welcome and thank you for your excellent work.
1 month ago
- My friends with student loan debt and no job in their "field"
- Friends who like potlucks
- Hipster friends who like living sustainably (but are not sure how)
- Friends who making sourdough and canning things
- People in my local homesteading group
- Ski bums / Ski Patroller
- Tree Planters
- Red neck friends
- Friends with land that don't know what to do with it
- My parents rich friends that don't know what to do with it
- Rich locals that like "green living"
- People who visit my farm stand
- People in my CSA
- Friends with kids that love being outside
- Friends with kids that are book worms
- Friends that run "forest schools"
- Friends that are high school teachers
- Entrepreneur friends
- Local sustainability groups
- City council (of my small town full of hipsters)
- people in their 20s that are struggling to "get out" or find a better path

How do you reach these people? I know a lot of these people, If not in their 30s. People with degrees & debt and can't see a way out. I know them personally but I don't know where they congregate ... besides bars & coffee shops.

- Hipster Coffee Shops?
- Girl Guides
- Community Garden Societies
- Seed Exchanges
- Teachers - Shop Class/Textiles/Home-Ed
- Youth Support Groups (There a specific non-profits where I am that help young adults with job skills, connecting with others, counselling, things to do that aren't drugs, ect)
- Homesteading groups
- Survivalist groups
- Zero Waste groups
- Permies