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since Feb 06, 2018
I am a humble gardener wanting to make a difference in our community. I am a father of two and a lucky husband to a loving wife. I believe that each individual has the potential to impact our future in sustainability.. being a father i want my children to grow up understanding the natural world and where their food comes from as a more urbanized and industrialized future encroaches on our young ones i feel its my duty to renew and preserve our landscapes and teach our children how to grow food naturally and protect soil and the value it holds to our ecosystems. I always imagined a place where people could enjoy nature for all it has to offer and one day i plan to at least make it a possibility for my family by gardening. Also guerilla gardening wink wink ...
Ontario zone 4b
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Recent posts by Jordan Johnston

Grapes can and will take over really quick i have wild grapes that choked out a few trees in my area. If youre worried about the current state of the forest or see any trees that are damsged choked or week from the grapes just hack it back just know it will come back hard and respond to pruning with vigourous growth the following year just takes some management.
9 months ago
Looking for a source of dioscorea polystachia in canada soo far asterlane edibles used to carry it but they are no longer operating wondering if anyone knows someone who will ship in canada.
10 months ago
Thank you Dillon, it is very hard for me to find these seeds anywhere I really want to find someone anyone with seed from the cold hardy 90 chromosome varietys like garretson or early golden or meader I know that these will be successful here in my climate zone. I would love for the website twining vine to come up so I am able to see what they have available. there are several zone 5 varietys and American crosses that are out there but very few for zone 4 and I would love to see more of them. Buzz ferver at perfect circle farm in Vermont has successfully overwineterd some persimmons and has found fruiting ones in his region that ripen as well in zone 4. I am hoping he will one day sell seed to Canada. cold resistance is key to having amazing fruit in the more northern regions. not to mention how crazy it would be to see some persimmon once again growing in the more northern regions of Canada same with pawpaw fruit breeding for cold tolerance would be amazing just the unbelievable fruit and ecological value fruit bearing trees give is incredible.
1 year ago
apples are incredibly easy to grow from seed. A bag of sand mixed with seeds in the fridge and a few months BAM! youve got apples. Some might say you will only get a good apple every 1000 trees or soo. I think this is all in how you look at it. Apple trees have incredible ecological value amazing wood and are useful in soo many ways ie processing into jam, jelly, apple butter, cider, preserves, drying, sauce ,desserts, juice and just eating. They are home to many a insect and provide shade and food for deer birds racoons possums and people alike. My suggestion is find one you like, grow some out and guerrilla plant them anywhere ...they will most likely share qualities of there parents and may be sweet or have incredible disease resistance ..the possibilities with apple is endless. I grow several out every year and plant them around my neighbourhood ..this year im growing kazahkstan apples from the cornell university seed bank. try it out!
1 year ago
looking for anyone in canada with meader persimmon and or any other 90 chromosome species and is willing to give the seeds for cash please let me know i would love to grow these incredibly cold hardy persimmins and get new genetics.
1 year ago
as of yet I have many favourite trees all trees are magnificent beings. But I have to say over much consideration my favourite right now would be willow any Salix would do I often think of them as the bamboo of the tree world a very vigorous and amazing plant that grows in the wettest ugliest places extremely multi functional plant with awesome potential to be a pioneer in any landscape they are medicinal easy to coppice make wonderful trellises ,rooting hormone, fences, baskets and firewood all followed by its ability to accumulate biomass and create esthetic beauty. I think everyone should have a willow very useful beautiful tree. only downside I would give it is that many suggest not to plant it close to waterlines septic tanks or weeping tile.
1 year ago
Hey all you amazing permaculture friends and peeps I am starting a new garden this year and in dire need of some plant material I really would love to find a source of Chinese yam or discorea batatas in Ontario and or comfrey bocking 4 or 14 f there is anyone out there that my be willing to share or sell these awesome plants please let me know I would love to here from you or have some feedback on where I can find these lovely beings. As a further note I just wanted to thank the people on this site for all the helpful and amazing advice I have received, over the short period of time that I have become a member people are extremely kind and willing to offer up help trades and advice from there experiences. thank yall and any feedback is awesome!!!
1 year ago
ooo sounds pretty cold up there hablitzia tamnoides is a good perrenial green aswell as good king h.enry... many flowers are edible aswell  like dianthus flowers.. corn flower..getting a valiant or fredonia grape and eating the foliage works..crosnes..camas..heavy self seeders like miners lettuce and corn salad..potatoe onion..allium ampeloprasm allium tricocum <--- hopefully spelling that right. feild garlic..turkish rocket..salad mallow..buckler leaf sorrel and french sorrel lilly.. tiger lilly  ..rose hips and flowers.
1 year ago
Hey all you awesome permies out there just asking if anyone is willing to sell some chinese yam aka dioscorea batatas or some comfrey bocking 14 or 4 to mee!!! lol i need to ramp up my numbers and ive managed to divide quite a few this year but would love some more comfrey and as far as the batatas goes i would love to have some for my deck to trail up the posts nothing beats perrenial food crops!!:) any feed back would be awesome
the only thing i have noticed in my suburban area is the deer are ravenous eaters they eat my josta berry and sedums and really anything that isnt deer proof one thing i have noticed is if i chop up mint or bee balm or chive and throw it on the foliage they dont seem to want to touch it soo this year i am guilding with mint around my grapes josta berry and hopefully going to grab some bee balm to plant amongst the haskap they will not touch anything with that smells smelllyyyy!
1 year ago