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Definition of bink

1 chiefly Scottish : a bench to sit on
2 chiefly Scottish : an open rack of shelves for dishes
3 chiefly Scottish : a bank of earth
9 hours ago
Not too long ago I began producing some jigsaw puzzles of my own work and a couple other artists I know.  It's a business venture whose success is yet to be determined.  I've about broken even on the production costs.  Hopefully sales pick up again in the Christmas season turning this into a profitable venture.  The hope is that this works and I can start featuring the work of more artists I know.  For now I have these 4 puzzles perhaps some here would be interested in.  They are $25 each (plus shipping) and can be ordered from this section of my e-commerce site.

Spinning into Being is a 1000 piece puzzle featuring one of the vessels I created.

Chromatic Strata is a 1000 piece puzzle featuring a collaborative work made between artist David Barnhill and myself.  David B. make the incredible patterned metal using a technique known as mokume gane.

Foam and Moss is a 1000 piece puzzle featuring the work of sculptor Cara O'Brien.  She creates porcelain pieces that she incorporates with reclaimed pieces of wood.

The last puzzle is a 500 piece one featuring another vessel of mine.
3 days ago
Thanks Gerry and Joel.  I do like how it demonstrates what we can do with odds and ends too.  To answer your question Gerry, I was generally able to position the tines seeing well enough around the vinegar container.  However, as I was picking apples I decided that if I find myself with some sort of clear container in a similar size and shape I would change out to that.  I think having a clear container would be advantageous.
4 days ago